Stemah Dosh – No Blue No Green [Album Review] – Stemah dishes his first rap meal and it’s Tasty

Genre – Rap, Afro-Hip-Hop, Afro-RnB

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Stemah had just one thing in sight when recording this project across two to three years, ‘No Water, No Life/No work, No success‘. Work and effort is definitely one thing the young Emcee has poured out on “No Blue No Green” alongside other quality work.

Often hailed to have similar voice texture as Jaden Smith and British Grime rapper Aitch, Stemah appears to be a subtle blend of them both and more as he’s shown a great level of versatility on NBNG. Even more impressive realising the freshman is only beginning his rap career at a proemial level and without any managerial aid whatsoever while fending for the total costs that accompany the release of a full body of work – NBNG is Stemah Dosh’s sweat, tears and passion all bundled in a tape and man, was it all worth it.

Originally titled “Home Boy 4 Life“, Stemah Dosh came to the realization of a brand new purpose for his 14-track album which had to be laced with a key note; his struggles were embedded. He came up with “No Blue No Green” which he has related to the phenomenon of a plant’s lifecycle which needed the ocean blue water to sprout it’s beautiful green leaves.

NBNG is a Rap/Hip-Hop body of work which tends to edge towards the side of melodious rap (The Drake style) and RnB (Yes Stemah Dosh sings too). Led by two lead singles released, ‘Kicked Off‘ and ‘Home Boy‘, the 14-track project includes guest features from Niq-El Angelo, Wes7ar 22, OBS’ and an interpolation of a movie clip from the legendary Osita “Paw Paw” Iheme. A solid first outing from Stemah included production from himself and a host of super talented producers and engineers.

Track-By-Track review of “No Blue No Green

NBNG features a couple of very likable tracks with incredible replay value and rap flow that is set to get you stuck.

‘No Blue No Green’ Tracklist

The album premieres with an alternative mixing of vocals that sound like a weird robot, it lasts for just 22 seconds thankfully. The album begins proper with the beautiful “Mama” which as it’s name suggests—is a lovely tribute to his Mum, as he professes his never ending love on the melodious tune that is a rap/sung presentation which test’s Stemah’s dexterity. Next one is an interlude, a verse from Stemah’s pre-released ‘He Grew Too Fast‘ but without instrumentals, just naked bars that come clean to the ears. ‘4K‘ is one of the most streamed songs off NBNG, definitely warranted as it’s amazing production combined with its trappy and catchy vibe, it is one for enjoyable for the mainstream community and a must listen. RnB Stemah is out on ‘Fade Away‘!! The young star reminisces about a faded relationship with a significant other, a melodious rnb tune to listen to on a gloomy Tuesday.

When you left me girl, I was broken“, Stemah confesses on ‘Broken‘ as he rues the parting of someone who obtained a piece of his heart, and a does it on a low tempo trap template. A freestyle is sometimes essential in a Rap body of work and Stemah recognises this on track 7 which is a freestyle interlude. ‘Home Boy‘, released beforehand as a lead single is just Stemah reading out advices from his own book of right and wrong—A proper Hip-Hop tune. ‘Like A Cheque‘ is the poster music for NBNG, this track is as catchy as rap tunes come and hopefully gets visuals. Stemah opens with revolving bars then a duet chorus before guest artists Niq-El Angelo and OBS’ deliver solid individual verses.

Stemah Dosh

Bars from Paw Paw‘ Interlude is an interpolation from a skit from the legendary veteran actor Osita Iheme. Stemah’s vocals are jaded on the second lead single ‘Kicked Off‘ as he speaks on the emotional trauma that accompanies a relationship. The track run from the Paw Paw skit until the end of the album is incredible, Stemah Dosh spazzed! “First Of Dosh” is one of my favourite songs and its one for you to definitely listen to, you could feel Stemah enlace his pain on the ballad inspired instrumentals as he reflects on his struggles as a student in a foreign country and if he will reach the pinnacles he set for himself

What if this gon be the last of Dosh?; What if this gon be the best of Dosh?; What if there never gon be a next for Dosh?

Stemah Dosh on ‘First of Dosh’

Hero‘ is another must-listen track with a tempo similar to the previous track, a ballad infused cinematic vibe which has got Stemah at the centre stage once more, he dreams to be a hero and more as he spits fire bars with a decent flow and vibe. The album closes it’s curtain with another interpolation, this time from Stemah’s favourite childhood cartoon, Pinky and The Brain.

In an exclusive, Stemah Dosh envisions a time when he would lead the frontline of the hip-hop culture and push it as far as possible. While this is just the start and there’s a gaping room for improvement—as there should, it is a beautiful way to kickstart his journey to the top.

Listen to Stemah Dosh’s “No Blue No Green” album on your preferred streaming platforms. Click this!

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