Justin Bieber – Changes (Album Review)


GENRE: RnB, Pop, acoustic.

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On December 4, 2019, Justin Bieber announced that he would be releasing his fifth studio album ‘Changes‘ on Feb 14. It is his first album in five years after the release of ‘Purpose‘ in 2015

A lot of things have happened since Bieber’s last album “Purpose“. He has changed his music style from Teen Pop to EDM and now to RnB. He’s gotten married to Hayley Baldwin. He’s gone on a social media Hiatus. He won a Grammy award. He canceled his ‘Purpose‘ tour. He has become a very open and devout Christian. He’s broken Billboard records with songs like ‘Despacito‘ and ‘I’m the one‘. He’s become more philanthropic. He got banned by the Chinese government from performing in China and got diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber

One could clearly see the reason why he’s named this album ‘Changes‘ but he still went on to sing about it in one of the tracks in the album:

And I just wanna be the best of me
Even though sometimes we might disagree
So that I can be the best for you
That’s all I wanna do

‘m goin’ through changes
Though I’m goin’ through changes
Don’t mean that I’ll changes

Lyrics from Track 13, ‘Changes’

Justin Bieber has evolved. He’s very good at evolving too, apart from the fact that he consistently improves vocally and as a recording artist, over the course of his 5 album Projects, they’ve all come with different music styles entirely different from the one that preceded it.

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While each of those albums have showed a different Bieber that we knew in the album before, he attains a higher level of maturity with each album which makes the quality of the album come out glowing✨.

Changes” of course, shows us an RnB/Soul version of Justin Bieber. All through his albums, one thing remains constant, LOVE. It’s the obvious reason he dropped this on February 14. He never stops talking about love and the warm embrace of his own marriage and what better genre of music to talk about Love other than RnB/Soul? 😉

On this album, I feel this is the best I’ve heard Justin Bieber sing, his voice is so silky and smooth, I never expected an RnB Bieber to sound this good, I mean, he featured Kehlani on an RnB song and held his own, that isn’t easy. Credit for him not necessarily sounding like a white guy (RnB/Soul is a major Genre for Blacks), but bigger credit to his intelligent way of arranging all 17 tracks in a cascade fitting the one same narrative: YOU’RE THE THING I LOVE MOST IN THE WORLD.

Justin and Hailey Bieber

There’s a problem though, Changes and the new style it brings with it, wouldn’t fall so pleasantly on the ears of a different audience, an audience that fell so deeply in love with the EDM Justin Bieber that gave hit Dance songs like “What do you mean?” and “Sorry“. The urgent need for those ticking beats and memorable choruses and catchy lines. A lot would have wanted Bieber to mix it up a little rather than go full blown Romantic. Should he have?🤔

A lot of writers and producers were invested into the making of Changes, that’s probably why it’s lyrics and Production came out perfect.

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On a good day, I’d drop the best 5 song on the album but y’all need to permit me to drop the best 5 songs apart from already released singles like Intentions, Yummy and Yummy Remix. Thank you 😊

Here are ALBUM TALKS best five songs off “Changes” :

5.) Habitual

A woozy RnB sound that starts with swooshes and synths with the bass hits coming later, Bieber struggles at the start but gets back on track with the Hook and Chorus.

He shows vocal strength on the track which generally talks about being addicted to the love he has for his partner, about it being an habit not just for now but forever.

A feel Good RnB song.

4.) All Around Me

The Albums opener didn’t disappoint. The arrangement of this album is something I praised before, this is the perfect intro to the kind of album we’d later hear.

There’s no drums, no bass, just a faint keyboard that puts Bieber’s voice in focus and clear as ever so you hear every word. The way Bieber handles his notes vocally have improved massively and this song is proof.

Room for you in my couple, let me open up the door

Open up my eyes to a feelin’ I can’t ignore I need you all around me

Lyrics to “All around me”

3.) Confirmation

Another intimidate and extremely romantic song. The production of this song (and maybe the whole album) makes the beats take backstage while Bieber’s vocals gets the focus. A risky plan but it all worked out well at the end.

It’s melody is really catchy and one you’d like definitely.

2.) Forever (Ft. Post Malone & Clever)

I was excited to first listen to this song before any other song because of the Bieber and Malone combo. Sounds more like the Justin we all knew. When this song comes on, it has a way of waking you up and getting your attention because it’s one of the few Mid-tempo songs on the album.

Post Malone gave Post Malone quality with his verse while Clever surprisingly delivered a good verse with his Quavering EMO-rap voice.

1.) That’s What Love Is

HE’S GONE FULL ACOUSTIC🚨 . Reminds me of ‘love yourself‘ that was also completely Acoustic. Bieber tries to explain what love is on this one. This is a melodically amazing tune.

Ooh, and I can feel you

Even though I haven’t touched you

Yeah, that’s what love is

That’s what true love is

Lyrics of the Intro to ‘That’s what love is’

This song is so romantic with amazing lyrics, he sings with his heart and so much passion. If I was Hailey, I’d cry for every song on this album.

Weird that the best song off the album is towards the ending and absolutely acoustic. Definitely a must-hear song you’d like anyway.

The expectations were really high for a new Bieber project in 5 years and he delivered what would be worth the wait. Justin Bieber gets better with every Album, Changes is no different.

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  1. Thank you for this great post! We seem to have differing opinions on the album but that’s okay haha. If you are interested in reading my thoughts, it was just published on my blog! I would be keen to hear your thoughts on it. Thanks!


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