Wells F$rgo EP is a dreamy journey to F$rgo’s world. (EP REVIEW).

Popularly know for serving top notch Drill vibes, F$rgo stays true to himself on his debut project.

In 2019, F$rgo burst on to the music scene with the release of his successful single titled Low, since then he has not looked back. A couple of singles followed notably the recently remixed Pop That which also featured on the newly released project.

The debut project has finally arrived in a time where the Nigerian Hip-Hop Music has been earning credible attentions over the past few weeks on social media. Lots of skits and diss have been done by different rappers and it feels like Nigerian Hip-Hop space might actually be back to retain the higher pedigree it was once synonymous with. Coupled with the fact that the project was released on his birthday, it is safe to say he got the timing right.

The project titled Wells F$rgo contains six tracks including lead singles Pop That and it’s remix with Eeskay. It arrives nearly three years since his debut in the industry. Since his debut, he has taken time to develop his artistry which is noticeable in the quality shift in his music over the years.

We are ushered into the project with a soothing melodic keys that sets the tone throughout the song. The first track of any album needs to be right because it dictates the flow and also grabs listeners attention. F$rgo knew that and it is probably the reason he chose a track where he flexes his mighty pen game. He glides without stress all over the mid tempo beat with a sultry flow that easily helps him assert himself and gain the attentions of listeners. An overall brilliant track in all aspects. The delivery, execution and production was right.

Lyrical flows, deep bars and dominace are common elements of Rap and it is no surprise that all of these elements are common on all of the tracks. Real Talks has a upbeat tempo compared to the Intro. He employs the service of an artiste named Fwfeyi, who introduces another dimension to the already bar-filled song with a soothing R&B close with an alluring vocals. Pop That Remix plays next and it’s duty is just to ensure your willingness to listen completely. The pre released song which has earned massive applauds from fans and critics alike comes on to leave you wanting more and wondering what’s next.

And guess what’s next ? An Afro Fusion track. Jejely, sees F$rgo flex the other side to his artistry. F$rgo flaunts his versatility to the world showing he can rap and also sing whenever he wants. Rundown comes next and it’s a return to the usual Drill vibes. It features Uglytwizz, a rapper as well. Both artistes complement each others energy, rapping diligently on the mellow Drill beat. Pop That closes this interesting but brief introductive journey to F$rgo’s world

Wells F$rgo EP, is a solid introduction to F$rgo’s world. All round, the project is sonically appealing and also the rapper’s pen game was magnificent all through. The featured artists also did not let him down, they contributed exactly what was needed. This is a brief introduction into the enormous talents of this young creative and as time goes by more sides to his artistry would evolve and unlocked. Till then, let’s take a listen and enjoy this wonderfully crafted piece of work.

Listen to Wells F $rgo EP Here.

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