Superstar YB shows why he deserves the title Afro King. (EP Review).

Afro King

Been the self proclaimed Afro King means he has to live up to the hype and standards at all times; Superstar YB did exactly that on his breathtaking debut project.

There are few artists in the industry who have figured out their sound and direction very early on in their career. Superstar YB is one of those artist. He seems to have everything planned out already and he is building on that advantage to thrive in the music industry. Figuring out your preferred sound helps you to avoid experimenting on other sounds every other time and also to build your audience based on your own creative direction and not based on what is trending. This has worked well for him so far. It is a popular opinion that consistency is a key tenet of any project and it’s no surprise that Superstar YB’s project isn’t short of it throughout.

The project titled Afro King is the lengthy introduction into Superstar YB’s self crafted world (trust me you want to be there). The project is a delve into the full ability of his artistry and also offers an incite into how much the self proclaimed Afro King has developed ever since he announced himself to the world with his record breaking hit titled Bottles.

Afro King tracklist & Credits.

The project opens with the Afropop song titled Don’t go. Intro tracks in an album are meant to draw attentions of listeners and also to whet your appetite for what’s coming; this song had both. The percussion heavy track with sweet mid tempo synths sees Afro King begging his girl to stay with him. It is an intentional love song meant to capture his girl’s heart. The perfect track to intro your debut project, he could not have gotten a better one. The perfect intro is followed by the pre released track before the album titled Party. Another mid tempo song with an almost perfect production as the intro. One admirable quality about Superstar YB is, you can easily relate to his lyrics because they are concise and audible. This song is a party vibe where he releases his feeling of having a big party. At this point in the project, it’s all perfect so far.

The third track titled Fantasy has a slice of Amapiano in it because of the bass drums employed. This track is a little bit relaxed and calmer than the previous tracks. We can hear the Afro King himself spitting some few bars on this and also spicing things up at some point using the Yoruba language. This is another track that ticks all right boxes. The little part of the song where the instrumentals went solo gives me so much goosebumps, you just can’t hate it. Grateful is the final track of project and it’s as perfect as the other ones. This sees him dedicate his life and career so far to God. An emotional end to an already wonderful project.

Superstar YB

Superstar YB definitely outdid himself on this project. The quality and overall satisfaction was way above expectations. It ticks all the right boxes. In terms of production and delivery, it is perfect. The A&Rs also did a good job on this. The overall enjoyment and satisfaction is top notch. It is no wonder that this album has made its entry into a lot of major playlists different digital streaming platforms. Don’t Go can be found in the Pop Chill playlist on Apple Music. It’s a testament to the quality of this album.

The brevity of this album also needs to be praised. The four tracks run for a total of thirteen minutes. It’s a short body of work that oozes happiness and it transcends to the listeners as well. The artist knows the importance of keeping things short and simple in recent times because the attention span of listeners is now short.

Just imagine what it means to have your project on Spatial Audio on Apple Music: an improvised 3D listening. It says a lot about the top notch production. Special shout out to the producers that worked on this project, they all did a perfect work.

A perfect debut project for Superstar YB. I see myself going back to it many times. I’m still undecided about my favorite because all of the tracks are quality ones, that’s how flawless it is.

Listen to Afro King Here.

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