Terri – Afro Series (EP Review) – Terri makes a statement!

GenreAfrobeat, Afro-Pop, World.

EP Rating – 9/10

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Three years ago, a then-18-year old Terri Akewe caught Wizkid’s attention when he showed massive potential on a cover of a Wizkid song, a few months later, Terri caught the attention of Wizkid fans and the mainstream world at large when he was signed into Wizkid’s ‘Starboy Entertainment‘ record label. While this surprised many, it left a whole lot of music lovers with the one big question, WHAT MADE WIZKID SIGN A TEENAGER?

Wizkid signs Terri

Didn’t take long before the big question was answered though. A few months into 2018, Starboy released a smash banger ‘Soco‘ featuring Terry, Ceeza Milli, Spotless and Wizkid himself. Terry’s catchy verse and style similarity to Wizkid gave the answers to all of our doubts; Wizkid had signed his offspring who was so similar to him that it was as difficult as Calculus to differentiate a Wizkid’s verse from a Terry verse. Soco was his introduction.

A couple of fairly good singles like ‘Bia‘, ‘Shuu‘, ‘Nonstop‘, ‘One me‘ and a string of others and also Wizkid’s influence gave him a decent fan base but they weren’t enough to put him out there as one of the best in the game. His talent was undoubtedly present but 2 years without a massive hit had some thinking Wizkid didn’t do enough to push him out there and had others thinking maybe it was just another fluke artist.

Fast-forward to April 2020, Terry announced the coming of his long overdue debut EP titled ‘Afro Series‘ coming in May, the mainstream world observed, this was going to be a make or break moment for Terri. A few under-the-radar artists like Oxlade, Chike, T-Classic, Barry Jhay have crossed this bridge and it was time to prove to the World and most importantly his fans that have stayed with him all this while that he was worth every bet, every hype – and every single argument.

TERRI DID NOT DISAPPOINT, Afro Series is definitely one of the best EPs out of Nigeria this year. Topping Charts in various countries like Nigeria, Canada, Ukraine, Ghana, and even the UK do not tell the full story of how good and enigmatic Afro Series is. Not only do the songs sound like Wizkid, they also portrayed his kind of quality. The 7-track EP is the full embodiment of raw new school Afrobeat, Catchy flows, Hooking Hooks and an off-the-charts replay value. Its Production is top notch, Why wouldn’t it be? He had a line up of Sarz, Killertunez, Iambeatz, Tuzi, Blaize Beatz with Wizkid himself executively producing, it was a well prepared EP and he has reaped his fruits bountifully.

tracklist and production credits

An all round project that talks about love, motivation, Relationship vibes, all this while dishing amazing solo vocals on Fela,Wizkid and New school Afrobeat-inspired productions (The extensive use of Saxophone and Bass sounds confirm this)

Track-by-Track Review

The EP’s intro ‘Wake Up‘ is an amazing song that sets you in the right mood for the project, its Fela-esque Saxophone mix with hard bass drums is a kind of production that will get you dancing. I can understand why Wizkid fans publicized this project so much, it is as good as listening to a wizkid project, ‘My Chest‘ proves this – the guitar keys on this is so soothing, huge thanks to Iambeatz masterclass. ‘Balance‘ has a slow tempo with acoustic guitar/Saxophone sound that makes it edge towards AfroRnB, here he sings about being the one and only to his partner and no one else taking his place.

The Lead Single off the EP, ‘Ojoro‘ is such a good song containing a catchy Chorus with its Up-tempo production from Sarz consisting of up-bass lines fused with drums, the most streamed song off the EP and rightly so. ‘Doo‘ is my personal favorite, it gives melodious chills and Terri just sings straight from his heart, Iambeatz isnt appreciated enough for the great work he’s done on this project. ‘Ode‘ is an beautiful tune, the drop-talking drums mixes perfectly with the bass to give a mid-tempo sound that gives chilling vibes and dance-able to at the same time. The last song on the EP happens to be the most similar song to Wizkids’ (Esp. the song “Mastergroove“), ‘Kill Man‘ low-tempo bass fusion is set to put you in an afrobeat cruise.

In conclusion, There’s a new wave of artists that have showed the capacity to take the baton of the future, not only has Terri showed he’s part of this new wave, he’s also shown he can be considered as one of the leaders of that movement.

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