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Rating – 8/10

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A lot of the biggest rappers we know now took the first step that preceded their successful journeys with a Mixtape. From Drake to Nicki Minaj to Kendrick Lamar to Young Thug and so many more, intense talent – Just needed to be rolled out into the mainstream craze. Little-by-little, they became some of the biggest set of Rappers in the world, the same is about to happen with one of the fast rising Hip-Hop artistes around right now, Jason Nkanga.

Part of the major reason why ALBUM TALKS was created is to connect Projects(Albums, Mixtapes, EPs) that aren’t getting deserved attention due to the clouds of already popular music shielding people from a lot of underrated projects. Jason Nkanga’s ‘Redemption‘ Mixtape is one of those projects that are being slept on at the moment.

Redemption is the debut mixtape by Rapper Jason Nkanga that dropped late last year but possesses a quality that could well be in the conversation for as long as a decade from Now. The J Cole-Inspired Mixtape is a proper Hip-Hop project that hits a lot of points that reflects the present rap culture while giving room for all of the factors that make an Amazing Hip-Hop project.

These factors shall be briefed on. I like to start with the Production Quota of the project, all the quality in the world would be rendered useless with an epileptic production/sound engineering, that being said, the production and mixing on this Mixtape is the stand-out feature on it, it has range but still stays within the constraint of pure hardcore rap. The Originality of Style and lyricism on Redemption is one that will impress the best rappers in the game and set to leave an impact to last for years. Decent Replay value in relation to the level of acceptance of the Rap Genre currently in our society. The Collaborations on this is also quite impressive with features from highly rated artists like Blaqbonez, Mick Jenkins, Asriel, theMIND and Victor Baba.

Are you a fan of undiluted Hip-Hop? Redemption will quench your thirst and give you vibes of chill at the same time. Highly Recommend.

Track-by-Track Review

As expected, an intro starts the mixtape, its not your regular intro though, It is a dialogue between Jason and a cab driver who recognizes him from TV and begs for a quick freestyle before starting the ride, Jason requests for a beat to freestyle on, the beat he was given transitions into track 2 in a nice way, ‘Running With Me‘ is an early 2010s inspired style where Jason sends a clear message to his competitors, telling them to ‘Tie their laces‘ properly if they are to run with him. The hard flow on here sets you into the ‘Redemption‘ mood.

Goddamn, I’m coming up. Been on your neck like a hickey dawg

Jason on ‘Running with me’

Newsflash! This is the time Jason Nkange gets re-introduced to the World, that defines ‘Turn Great‘. You can tell from this track that it is J. Cole inspired, its written all over its flow and rap technique. Excellent production too, the subtle trap drums makes you want to put on repeat. Devoid of Caps when i say ‘I Put in Everything (interlude)‘ is one of the best interludes I ever heard personally, the part-melodius beat serves as a perfect landing ground for Jason’s deepest feelings as he raps directly from his heart for about a minute or so.

‘Know you Better’ Official Video

The combination on ‘Moves‘ is fierce, Four MCs (Jason, Blaqbonez, Mick Jenkins, Asreil) mix to deliver Hip-Hop Bliss, they all didn’t miss on the Mid-tempo record, one for the Hip-Hop books. ‘Know You Better‘ is my favorite track off the record, the bass-lines on its production gives an RnB/Funk feel that screams Replay value, featured artist, theMIND, has got heavenly vocals that sets the diversified chilled vibes. The outro track, ‘Rather try than not‘ is a ‘last but definitely not the least‘ situation, Another heart opening moment sees Jason talk about his journey so far on a beat with high pitched keys. Jason Nkanga signed off in a manner that makes sure you have him on your mind for the next few days or thereabout.

‘Redemption’ tracklist, features and Production credits

With this kind of flow, technicality and lyrical talent on a debut project, the Sky is set to be the Jason Nkanga’s starting point.

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