15 Amazing Bars off Drake’s “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” Mixtape

It is getting harder by the day for highly rated celebrities like Drake to keep secrets, the revealing of his son by Pusha T and the famous Billie Eilish text is solid proof. On the midnight that ushered in Friday, May 1, Drake dropped a surprise 4th studio mixtape titled ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes‘. Although – unlike Eminem’s ‘Music To be Murdered By‘ album which caught everyone by surprise – doubtful rumors were already flying around on social media about a surprise Drake mixtape and by midnight, all doubts were cleared.

Social Media was buzzing

According to Drake, ‘Dark Lane Demo Tape‘ was about clearing the hard drive of Old recordings, it was about giving something to the people before the main stuff, a precursor to the whole package(the album) arriving in the summer. Drake’s known for dropping a massive amount of quotable corny/bad-ass lines on his songs. According to a study, Drake drops an average of 5 Quotables‘ per song, imagine having a whole mixtape, yeah that’s us right now.

Dark Lane Demo Tapes tracklist

While there are a whole lot more, here are 15 of the craziest and coolest bars/lines from Drake’s ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes


“Even when being real is out of fashion, Niggas keep stealin’ my style, now we out here matchin”

on track 11, ‘Losses’

This defines corny, Drake likens ‘being real‘ to a garment and OGs now matching him cause they stole his idea of being real when no one wanted to be.


“Still women sayin’ it’s childish, the way we live”

Track 2, ‘When to say when’

It took me a while to decode this one, probably because it is downright savage. “Still women” means infertile women, I’ll let you decode the rest, Its too Gory.


“You niggas spend too much time on captions, not enough time on action”

track 14, ‘War’

Drake has got a long standing mini-beef with the media from time, this is a direct shot. Don’t let Drake push you off course, aspiring Social media Influencers.


“When I shoot my shot it’s the Kawhi way, it’s goin’ in”

track 10, ‘Pain 1993’

Kahwi Leonard is a basketball player that plays for Drake’s favorite team Toronto Raptors. Last season, He helped the team to their first Championship in history with a Free Throw shot success percentage of 88.9%. So you know what drake means about Shots going in the “Kahwi” way.


“But I treated you like gold, I was all in. Spoiled rotten, they could smell you ‘fore you walked in”

on track 11, ‘Losses’

Drake with yet another crazy wordplay, he says he spoiled his ex so bad, they smelt it from afar.


“Early twenties, but I want fifties, hundreds, not pennies. I need plenty Got me ready to flip the F out like Fendi”

on Track 1, ‘Time flies’

He just does it with such ease, he asks for a lot of money or else he flips the F(gets livid) out like the inverted F on the Fendi designer logo. Get it?


“Lost you to the game, and I see why, It was always U ‘n’ I without the T-Y”

on track 11, ‘Losses’

Okay this is a cheesy line, looks like something a 9-year old me would have wrote in a letter, something like “Hey Cassie, U ‘n’ I equal T-Y, together we make UNITY”


“Man went PC just like Dell and Windows, some man been those”

track 14, ‘War’

PC could mean Politically correct or Private custody, whatever drake meant, he relates it to actual PC models like Dells and Windows. Cool right?


“I do it for the Grahams, not the ‘Gram”

on track 11, ‘Losses’

This hits the deepest for me. In case you were wondering, Drake’s full name is Aubrey Drake GRAHAM. So when he says he does it for the Grahams, he does it for his family and not Instagram. Another subtle shot at the media.


“And I bought my dawg a Rollie ’cause he rolled with it, yeah, And I bought that girl a shovel ’cause she gold-diggin’, yeah”

on track 8, ‘Landed’

No Explanation needed. Just wouldn’t want to be that girl right now.


“Waiter brought the check for the meal She said, “Babe, I think there was a typo” Nah, girl, I got it, that’s light though”

on track 3, ‘Chicago Freestyle’

This conversation drove me nuts, Firstly consider how huge a Drake check has got to be for a waiter to think it was a typo, that’s light anyway though.


“Always move right so my watch is on the other hand”

Track 2, ‘When to say when’

He connects making the right moves being the reason for wearing his watch on his left hand. Although, contrary to this, Drake is known for always wearing his wristwatches on his right hand.


“Finally give you niggas the space you need to exist. Michael Jackson shit, but the palace is not for kids”

Track 2, ‘When to say when’

Yet another line many might find disrespectful hey look closely. Here he takes a dig at the home child molestation accusations against Jackson saying yeah he’s got a $100m House as big as Jacksons’, but without the children. Yikes


“I took you up under my wing and you just stayed there? You was supposed to grow some wings, get your own pair”

on track 11, ‘Losses’

There are a lot of quotables‘ on Drake’s ‘Losses‘. He seemed to be talking to a long lost partner on the song where he tells her to Build up her own life, not wait for him to build it for her.


“Tell them again, loved her way back when Drunk so I type “Je t’aime” but don’t hit send”

on track 13, ‘Demons’

Drake’s doing French now? Oh wait… He didn’t hit ‘send‘.

4 thoughts on “15 Amazing Bars off Drake’s “Dark Lane Demo Tapes” Mixtape

  1. Drizzy has always been in the game. my fav tracks are pain 1993, Toosie slides & from Florida with love. All thanks to albumstalks, I have this album now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m beginning to fall in LOVE with DRAKE all of a sudden. I am BREEZY fan but I kinda like DRAKE’S Style already..


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