Nami paints the full picture of his all-round artistry on “I Am Nami” [EP Review]

Genre AfroPop, Afrobeats

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Songwriting, Vocals rendering, Production, Mixing and Mastering — Nami is the 1-man army as he releases his debut Body of work, “I Am Nami.

Gaining most of his street cred in his school days as a -then- undergraduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Although started out as an artist, the tables would go on to turn in a way that favoured his production capabilities.

Even as a University student, Nami the Producer already worked on numerous major projects from both big and emerging acts across the east and even successfully across the border, unto Canada and the United States.

Alas, it was time! It was time for Nami to realize his first dream and love for the music and not just limited to the background doors of production.

This wake-up call has led to Nami releasing a 7-track self-produced self-mixed project titled “I Am Nami

On this project, Nami aims at telling a story, a story of the steps and stones growing up both as an indigene of Nigeria and as an Artist. The first 3 tracks are more intent on this focal point as the intro track title “Me” is rather self explanatory.

On the road to riches I’ve been grinding

Nami on “Me”

Hustle” is a street anthem. The proper tune for Hustlers as the feel good tune includes a world class sample and production all round. The Opposite sex infatuation theme finally makes it’s debut on track 3 as Nami tells a Dirty Dancer to take it “Eazy”. The Production and Mixing is impeccable so far as Nami is in dire need of immediate affection on “Craving

A Konto-Strings fusion births a lovely tune as Nami is all about enjoying life on “Jeje”. A contender for best song on the tape. Agwu Agwu The only song with features on the EP is something different as Nami pays tribute to his roots on a Hip-Hop infused beat alongside RicoRane and Jeddy. Nami closes the curtain on the EP with gratitude and a thankful heart on “Na Gode”.

Remember the name “NAMI”. This is arguably the best all-round underground tape of the year. It is 5-star production and artistry by Nami.

Listen to “I Am Nami” and hear this greatness for yourselves.

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