Agorsor: The Ghanaian Folk band led by a multifaceted visionary

“It’s not news; Agorsor makes timeless music”

Finding originality in the new Africa and its modern music has become something of a huge task. It is indeed a breath of fresh air when beautiful and unadulterated music originality gets into the limelight. This is where Africa’s biggest folk band come in — Agorsor.

AGORSOR is an African traditional folk band traced back to the culturally-rich parts of Ghana and has now spread to the ends of Africa; Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and even Nigeria. The band is known for its high-energy, spirit-filled music, innovative instrumental harmonies and contagious rhythms, all inspired by happenings and elements from the nature of mother Africa.

The band is led by multitalented singer, painter and dancer, Nyornuwofia Agorsor (vocals, songwriting), who moves and dances to music enhanced by talented instrumentalists Kofi Agorsor (songwriter, various instruments), Kofi Acheampong (Percussion), Emmanuel “Chico” Napour (conga), Julius Quaye (gome) Magaret Selasi Gbindey (bvs) and Dzimesah “Yoga” Boku (compositions, xylophone, flute, gome, conga, gonje).

Founded in 2000, the band decided to put their musical works in a debut album — HUGADEM, which translates to “The Absolute is married to Me” in english, An 8-track pack that dives into everything Agorsor is about, the spirituality of the world and the values of tradition via the single theme of Love.

As it should, The Album received widespread acclaim and saw Agorsor become the first African Folk band to reach #1 on the Ghanaian and Nigerian iTunes chart. It still charts on the Ghanaian Apple and iTunes chart since release.

Agorsor is a breath of fresh air in the music scene. Hugadem is an album for lovers of originality, lovers of music for and from the soul.

Listen to “Hugadem” by Agorsor here

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