Egbezi is 7 times stronger on “Sunoma: The Propagation” [EP Review]

GenreHip-Hop, Rap

The versatile Warri-bred hip-hop act released the seventh studio project of his graceful career, “Sunoma: The Propagation” a week ago.

I make Music for the soul, so one could say I’m a conscious lyricist


Sunoma” — Means “Seven” in Egbezi’s native Ijaw/Izon language. The consciousness of Egbezi’s thoughts are already beginning to effectively show right from the title of the project. “Sunoma” the Number. “The Propagation”, The plan.

Born and Bred on the South side of the country, Egbezi never had it easy. And for most people that never had it easy, there’s always something to prove.

The Album “Sunoma; The Propagation, Vol. 1” is the artist’s 7th chapter unto the world. He’s more of a messenger on this tape.

As for what inspires my music? The everyday happenings around my environment


What do you get from a conscious artist that takes in whatever the environment has got to offer and remoulds it into beautiful musical Art? You get this new Album from Egbezi.

I began this article by describing Egbezi as a versatile all round creative. This could have been perceived as bluffing but It assuredly isn’t.

Egbezi was a one man army in the preparation of this tape as he handled the songwriting, recording, production and mixing. As though it was an Odunlade Adekola movie. Get it?

The Intro opens with a public speaker’s sample, as Egbezi comes Ready. Who Dey Price got the Pure MC side out of the artist as he raps over a piano Fusion. Another sample opens the Track 3 and this just tells the story about how experimental Egbezi the Producer is.

No One Is Looking — The Drums are as catchy as Egbezi delivers a dance tune cut from the same silk of 1980s folk music. This tape could probably have used a couple of guest features but credit to Egbezi for still pulling through.

LMWMF brings a tuned down pitch. Egbezi is doing great as the final tracks “I Am” and “Doing Great” sees him close the tape on a high note.

Don’t miss out on great music. Listen to “Sunoma: The Propagation” by Egbezi Here.

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