Sustain Olami channels his emotions on new single ‘With Grace’

Anyone that is familiar with Sustain Olami’s sound, or listened to his well executed body of work he released last year titled Afrosus, I can bet it with you, 30 seconds into this song, you would be hooked already and probably reach out for the the repeat button to leave it on replay for some moments. That’s how good this song is.

Sustain Olami, who has his sound deeply rooted in traditional heritage, with obvious influences mostly from Fuji sound, is seen treading similar path on this song blending modern and traditional pop sounds that is heavily laced with percussion drums and subtle synths. Sustain makes use of his Fuji ladden vocals to complement well with the Fuji fusion productions. At some point, he even uses the Arabic language he must have learned as an Islam person.

Sustain Olami.

Sustain Olami’s decision to remain committed to his style of blending modern and contemporary pop to his own will has played out well so far. He has mastered his art and his artistic development has evolved ever since his last project early last year. There is more dynamism to his music now, more emphasis has been placed on production, it has been elevated to another level. Also, his songwriting ability has improved drastically as well despite the fact that he mostly employs his native language, Yoruba, while composing his songs.

The theme of the song is centered on the Sutain’s wish for peace, protection and wealth. He appreciates everything he has and also prays it continues. This is a song that can serve as a get-up-and-go anthem for everyone. It’s message is highly motivational. It’s a ginger up anthem for all.

Listen Here

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