Mannie Tseayo showcases all-round artistry on “Eucalyptus” [EP Review]

“Mannie’s new Body of work offers a soothing effect, much like the Eucalyptus tree”

Mannie Tseayo Promo photos.

There are a lot of things that are applaudable about Tseayo Emmanuella Nguavese, better known by a shorter form, Mannie Tseayo. Although, what I consider to be the most impressive, other than her bandana game, is the unpopular fact that she had her first studio session at the age of 8. You read that right, 8 years of age when little Mannie recorded in her uncle’s studio at the back of her house. Mannie was born into and made for music.

Hails from Benue but born and bred in the nation’s capital, Abuja. Mannie Tseayo has come a long way from her burst into the rap scene via a cover of YCee’s viral hit, “Jagaban”.

While having rap at the core of her artistry, Mannie has evolved and shaped up to become what many would call the all-round package. Pushing her limits in different ways and delivering art in music form through different rhythms and genres.

Just to make clear, with all that’s going on in the Nigerian rap scene, she’s no rapper-turn-singer, she’s an Artiste that will sing to you in melodies as sweet as honey and in the same string deliver bars that will sweep you off your feet completely — She’s the complete artiste.

Eucalyptus is a follow up to Mannie Tseayo’s debut EP “Shades of M”, an EP on which Mannie tried to prove she could offer more – and prove she did.

Eucalyptus — a holy tree said to have a purifying, cleansing effect, similar to sage, that clears away any negative energy in the space it’s burned in. (or spun in, as regards this tape) — WOW.

Intro tracks do not come smoother than Sedated. It’s mid-tempo soft production mixed with Mannie’s bars are soothing. She raps about not wanting stress, in a relaxing way. Poetic.

The production on this EP is impeccable. Another smooth mid-tempo tune in You Know follows and it’s just as good with Mannie showcasing breathtaking vocals. Bassline-led Girls like me is mid-tempo bliss as Mannie’s flows continue to impress. Mannie’s soothing style of making rap music reminds me of Kota the Friend. She tees Eeskay on Bed. Bed and Good sex being next to each other on the tracklist speaks good AnR work. It feels like both seamlessly blend into each other.

Old Ways with Rapper/Driller Odumodublvck is a lead single (Alongside Sedated). The first song with a traditional drill production had Odumodu coming with all the heat. Mannie don’t wanna go back to her old ways, if she does, we might be in for another shade of M.

I’ve been blown away by how good the Production and delivery has been on this tape. The EP closes with Loyalty featuring Isah the Prince and it’s back to mid-tempo soothing perfection.

Eucalyptus is Top 3 EPs of the year and it’s not number three. It has got everything. Next-to-perfect Production, good project cohesion, entrapping pen game, superb delivery, replay value.

It has got everything.

Special shoutout to the producers that worked on this one.

Listen to Eucalyptus EP by Mannis Tsaeyo.

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