Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps – Fireboy DML (Album Review)

Album Rating: 10/10

Genre: Afro-fusion, Afro-Life, pop

Album Stream Link:

What better album to kick-start my first analysis other than LTG? This has been arguably one of the albums of the year and also one of the albums of the decade if you ask me.

When ‘Jealous’ was released as part of the YBNL family album, it didn’t first get the praise, probably because we Nigerians don’t really fancy albums, we just hear the top songs off the album. (I’m here to help with that 😉). This was why even though it was dropped late 2018, it didn’t get any real attention until two months into 2019.

Just like most Nigerians, I love Fireboy, I feel the Afro-Life genre wasn’t really defined until this album. Fireboy redefined the Afro-Life Genre with this album and now because of him, a whole lot of people can differentiate Afro-Life from other Afro genres. At the moment, it would seem we all just can’t get enough of the LGT album.

Straight to the analysis, this is how it works.

When analyzing an album, I pick my top 5 songs (emphasis on the MY), but here’s why you should trust my rankings; For example, when I’m trying to prove to a random human that a particular song is better than the other, I put a whole lot of things into consideration before giving my final verdict, I go even as deep as how good the Mixing and Mastering was. Crazy yeah? Factors like the major beat and its chops, vocal range, lyrical content, Mixing quality of the audio, specific arrangements of the verses/hooks/bridges.

Before I dive into the analysis, I’d love to say this first, if you haven’t listened to this album yet, I’d urge you to try to listen to the whole album, even if you’re not an album person. It is totally worth it

Less talking, more analysis, shall we get to main dish already? Here goes my top 5 in descending order (I think it’s better that way🤔)

5. Omo Ologo

This is is for the Party Monsters, a high-tempo ‘Legwork’ style of music, here Fireboy shows that Afro-Life doesn’t always have to be slow or mid tempo. Produced by Cracker Mallo, we all know the quality Cracker brings and how sophisticated his beats are.

4. Vibration

Honestly, picking 5 songs from this album has been hard as hell😩, but there are a few little things that make a song edge over the other like I said earlier on. This is also a song that could be described as a party banger. What really stands out in this song is the way DML fits in seamlessly with the beat and the way he arranged the bridge with the chorus was bliss. The man was born to do this!

3. Wait and See

won so fun mi, ki lo n she? Mo so fun won, wait and see

Fireboy_dml, Wait and See.

In this track, Fireboy basically tells us about how he believed in himself even though he had doubters that didn’t really trust in his music. Understandably so, Afro-Life isn’t the brand of music making waves currently, maybe Afropop. The lyrics are soul lifting and melodious, also passes a message that as long as you stay true to your game, in due time, it’ll come through. Produced by Pheelz.

2. King

Fine boy wey come Sabi sing again? Tell me wetin you need again?

Fireboy, King.

‘King’ was dropped as a single off the album before its official release. It was difficult picking between King and Wait and See for the number 2 spot but if there was any song that was through and through Afro-Life, this was it. Fireboy also made a heartwarming combo of beautiful vocal range and songwriting. 10/10 highly recommend.

1. Like I Do

Olamide YBNL picked this song as his favorite off LGT and I can see why. If anyone asks me about Fireboy’s vocal range and expansivity, this is the song I’d present. Fireboy just shows off how good he is vocally while delivering a beautiful love song and I’m getting jealous (pun intended ) tbh, Fireboy is who I think I am. The bridge in this song is one of the best bridges I’ve heard in a long while. Lyrical content was also top notch on this one and the melodious jargon Fireboy delivered right at the end of the song is one that could bring a grown 6ft3 man to tears.


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