2Kings offers a representation of who he is as he releases sophomore EP, “Magician”[Review]

Genre — Afro-fusion, Rap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


iROCNATIONS artist, Audu Emmanuel Oche, known professionally as 2Kings released his sophomore body of work at the start of the month and it oozes only quality.

Cover art – Magician EP

Afro-Fusion — A sub-genre of the Afro genre that tends to mix different elements and style of Afro Music. In other words Genre-fusing or Genre-bending. 2Kings is all about making music in the non-monotonic manner.

Second project down the line and a massive record label deal —  2Kings had one thing in mind; to show what he is about. A sophomore project shows he’s no novice, a new record label deal gives him the backing he needs. It was finally time to burst into the limelight.

Magician is a heavy step in the right direction of realizing those dreams.

2Kings is as versatile as they come. His superpower is his ability to deliver the unexpected. He’s the wildcard you never saw coming until he show’s up and shows off mightily.

It is all about that and more on his brand new “Magician” EP. 2Kings switches between Genres whilst delivering on all fronts. Navigating pressing personal matters on impeccable and perfectly laid instrumentals.

Best Life opens the tape and features rapper Maleeq Soulz, the mid-tempo mild hip-hop production has 2Kings vibing on the chorus with Maleeq injecting a smooth rap verse. The eponymous track, Magician, is an afropop tune that has 2Kings coming through with the vocals, offering range. Amapiano and House music is the next genre on the agenda and 2Kings delivered yet again on the feel good House tune, Magic.

Free Man is in line with the title as 2Kings craves for a stress-free life on the smooth mid-tempo tune. The Outro had to be smooth but subtle. New Space closes this one out as 2Kings reminisces on his journey and how he’s come this far.

2Kings makes music for the hustler. He makes music for the free. He makes music for the relatable listeners and he does it like Magic

Listen to “Magician” EP by 2Kings

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