Oxlade – OXYGENE EP (EP Review)

GENREAfroPop, Alté

EP RATING – 8/10

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Super-talented young artist Oxlade got our attention in 2018 by dispersing amazing vocals on ‘Mamiwota‘ with Blaqbonez, his own Single ‘Shugar‘, personally he got me interested with his ‘Ojoro‘ track which I believe is still one of his best work till today.

I feel Oxlade should have put out a project way earlier, maybe early 2019. There’s an upside to releasing much later though, it gives you time to identify your fan base and understand the kind of music you really want to be putting out. This amongst other factors like Right production, matured vocals and artist growth.

Since 2018, it’s been features and singles from Oxlade which – although was accepted by his fans and increased his Fan base – made them wait so long for an actual debut body of work from him. We might have had to wait two years, but it turned out to be totally worth it at the end☺️

OXYGENE, a debut 6-track EP was given to us today and it gives off the kind of quality that’s massive but expected from people that knew Oxlade and knew what he is capable of. OXYGENE is the right blend of AfroPop groove and soothing vocals that’s becoming rare in the Nigerian music stage.

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It’s a body of work that tends to set you for a ride of proper Afrobeats execution; vocals, production, state of art. Every factor the word ‘Talent’ encompasses, that is what Oxlade has been able to show us on this project.

OXYGENE Tracklist

O2, the perfect intro, listening to a whole lot of albums, you realize how important the first track is, it tells you what to expect from the whole body of work, so it’s got to have amazing quality and the spark that should keep listeners eager for what the rest of the project holds. O2 does just that. Probably one of the most talked about songs off the album, HOLD ON is a lovable song with impeccable production, the loud bass just helps Oxlade vocals run smoothly as he delivers a catchy chorus too.

I dey machala for love

Crazy for love o

Oxlade on HOLD ON

AWAY, the lead single off the album is definitely lead single quality. The bass line just makes you shake your head rhythmically to the tune. The chorus is catchy too with the background vocals bringing something different but amazing. Something worth mentioning about the project is how short it is, not enough time was given to each track and that is a blow because some of these songs are so good, they deserve more minutes with clutch verses.

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Having amazing vocals shouldn’t limit you from delivering hit club bangers, Oxlade proves this on track 4 KOKOSE, go get your dancing shoes cause the up-tempo beat of KOKOSE will get you dancing. The bass lines are perfect again, Spax is underrated for the production work he does. He sings about someone being his WEAKNESS on track 5, a slow Tempo love song that talks about being a zombie for love even if it isn’t necessarily ideal. The EP finished the way it started, with immense quality, last track TABLES TURN is a low-tempo tune that features another sensational talent in Moelogo and talks about tables turning as long as you keep to what you do. The song and EP on a whole ends with an adorable prayer bit from Oxlade’s Grandmother in her native Yòrúba, An amazing Outro.

It’s been coming but OXYGENE is Oxlade’s stamp and the beginning of his up-rise in the music world. He commands attention and he’s definitely gotten it with the dream Debut EP.

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