Bella Alubo – Summer’s Over (Album Review)


Genre: Afro-Soul, Afro-pop, AfroRnB


Hey guys, how’s the Detty December Rave going? 😀

One of the aims I had in mind at the startup of the blog was to bring music that’s under the surface to you. A lot of times, we tend to miss out on great music simply because am artist isn’t popular or doesn’t have a great PR.

Bella Alubo is one of those cases. She’s had a foot in the Nigerian Music industry since 2015 after making her talent known on her cover of Falz’s ‘Karishika‘ and her beautiful song ‘Tropical Paradise‘. While she still didn’t have the hit song to breakthrough the Mainstream ceilings, her very unique style of mixing AfroPop with Soul/RnB is becoming too hard to overlook by music observers and music lovers in general.

Not great vocally but she has the ability to give feel-good Vibes which could clear your head of stress.

This album portrays everything she’s known for; an Afro fusion of an up/mid-tempo bop Alté Vibes that gives a balance between her love persona and her singing abilities.

What stood out in this album is Bella’s ability to flow seamlessly with the beats on every single. Also the fact that her features were kept in the songs that were perfect for them. The album cover artwork is also a beauty to behold. Nice one Bella👌

Summer’s Over album cover artwork.

Like I said, if you’re looking for a mind-blowing vocal album, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for an album with feel good Vibes and good singing flow with the beat, this is definitely your album.

Here are my top 5 (must get) songs off the 10-song Album:

5. Agbani [Remix] (Ft. Zlatan)

The song with the fastest tempo in the whole album is a club/party banger. Dropped as a single before the official release of the album, she features Zlatan who isn’t only one of the hottest Artists in the game now but is known for his delivery of multi-Bangers. Zlatan adds a little bit of spice to the song with his regular banground echos and a Zlatan-like verse.

This song would get you in your dancing shoes dance🕺💃.

4. Isiewu (Ft. Dice Ailes)

Dice was very good on ‘Alakori‘ with Falz. Personally I feel it is easily one of the best collabs we had this year. Like every other feature, he was perfect for the kind of tune, the Wizkid ‘Sound-alike‘ .

I dey see your Instagram,

With all your ‘Yes madam’

Bella Alubo, Isiewu

Bella gave the feels she always gives on the track. Good production and song all round.

3. Kolombi (Ft. Mr Eazi)

I spoke about Mr Eazi’s very good singing and magnificent ability to mix with whatever beat he’s on. Well he’s on a collab with someone with similar abilities, you expect nothing less than an explosion of amazing singing talent and flow.

Mr Eazi’s intro to the song already gets your attention. Then there’s the beat that has a up-beat Bass guitar bit with a Ghanian-feel Afrobeat. A beautiful song and collab too. MUST GET.

2. Fire

The top three songs are quite similar in musical quality, this song offers nothing less. This is my favorite song off the album. It’s low-tempo beat and chorus sends me places. Everything about this track is quality, from its production to the musical arrangement, to the Singing and lyrical quality.

A song you should definitely have in your library.

1. Summer’s Over (Ft. Ajebutter & LadiPOE)

With my experience, I realized that most times, the song with the highest recognition from an album isn’t always the song with the best Musical quality. There are a lot of examples for this theory but that’s another story.

Bella goes against this theory as the main song off the album is actually the best song off the album. On the Konto-sound based AfroRnB, she teams up with Alté major, Ajebutter and Rap talent, LadiPOE.

Bella Alubo is quite a talent. If she continues down this path, in due time, she’d get the major mainstream attention she so deserves.

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