Mr Eazi – Life is Eazi Vol. 2 – Lagos to London (Album Review) [TBT]


GENRE: Afro-pop, Banku, Afro-Dancehall

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It’s Thursday and just as you do with your pictures, we are going to be doing throwbacks of old-ish albums on Thursdays😊.

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Mr Eazi was the subject of controversy when he made a tweet around January 2017 about how the Nigerian Music at that time was greatly influenced by Ghanaian Music – and how he made that happen. After series of backlashes, he apologized and dropped a very good album the following month “Life is Eazi Vol. 1 – Accra to Lagos” and people just had no choice but to forgive the man😂

He has dropped recent singles like ‘Supernova‘, ‘Doyin‘ and ‘Tony Montana‘ but I’m going to be reviewing his most recent album which came in 2018.

Mr Eazi is super-talented, arguably one of the few artists that could stand toe-to-toe with the likes of Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa Savage and still hold his own. I mean the man made all of us sing word-for-word to jams like ‘Leg over‘, ‘Skin tight‘, ‘Pour me water‘ and many more.

Truthfully, Eazi fused the Ghanaian style he calls “Banku Music” with Nigerian music. It was evident in Accra to Lagos and was there for all to see in Lagos to London.

Eazi showed that mixing Banku music with Dancehall is pure bliss. Everything that makes an album perfect is present in this one. Perfect instrumentals? Check☑️. Amazing features line up? Check☑️. Good production and Mixing? Check☑️

There are flaws though and this is why I don’t rate the album a full 10/10. There were a few songs Eazi did with British artists/rappers and the flow in those songs were off, kinda. Also the fact that there is a shallow amount of lyrical content and vocals.

While I feel everyone should listen to this album and there are definitely more than 5 good songs on it. My Top 5 songs according to their musical quality are as follows:

5. Yard & Chill

Mr Eazi might not be the best lyrically or even vocally but one thing is for certain, he knows how to deliver a good song. His arrangement of musical components like the hook, bridge, verses is a joy to hear.

The Mid-tempo song comes with a bass-hard beat and Mr Eazi just mixes so well with it. Good song.

4. Surrender (Ft. Simi)

Simi and Mr Eazi on a track sounds really nice and i think they know this seeing as they’ve appeared on quite a couple of songs with the song “Doyin” the latest of their collaboration.

I don’t need to tell you how good this song is, it was a monster hit in Africa, both statistically and in raves and hangouts.

We really need to talk about the production of this song. Pheelz made a monster beat that had a mixture of Banku, Dancehall, Highlife. Pheelz is arguably the most versatile producer we have in Nigeria and he and Producers at large are terribly under-appreciated. Simi was really good with her verse and backup too. At the end of the day, the beautiful pieces kept together delivered a beautiful song.

3. Miss You Bad (ft. Burna Boy)

When two of the biggest artists in Africa come together to do a song, you can’t expect anything less than perfection. The African Giant’s verse was no longer than 30 seconds but it didn’t stop the current Artist of the year from delivering Gigantic musical quality

Girl I know that you love me so better dry your eyes.

Memories can tell me nuh lie

Girl how many times must I apologize?

-Burna Boy on ‘Miss You Bad’

A song of real quality and wonderful production too. A catchy hook and bridge to add. If you haven’t got this song on your Playlist yet😯? Here’s the time to get it.

2. Attention (Ft. Lotto Boyzz)

Attention is such a good song. Let me tell you how good Eazi is; Eazi features people with probably better voices and vocal range but still takes care of his Choruses, hooks and most times his Bridges. He’s such a beautiful singer.

Lotto Boyzz are a British duo that primarily does Hip-Hop. This gets more impressive when you realize that they actually sang(not rap) on a Banku/Afrobeat Mid-tempo beat.

I have jammed this album probably a thousand times and I can say these guys gave the best verse by any artist on the features line up. Even more impressive when you realize this album had amazing artists like Burna, 2Baba, Simi e.t.c

1. Dabebi (Ft. King Promise & Maleek Berry)

Produced by a Ghanaian (Guilty Beatz), featured a Ghanaian Singer( King Promise, Mr Eazi himself is part-Ghanaian.

Attention with Lotto Boyzz is my favorite song off this album but listening to Dabebi, it’s a song with so much quality. The pure Banku sound was neatly executed, the hook is bliss, Chorus mixed with the Banku sound so well, King Promise did good with his beautiful voice, I felt Maleek Berry should have sang more, he said just two lines on the song but I heard he was part of the production team and that’s okay too.

If you’ve not listened to this album yet, please do. It’s an album every music lover should definitely listen to. Stream link is available above the article.

Compliments of the season to you, my people. We’re gradually closing the curtains on 2019 and we hope and pray 2020 comes with an overdose of blessings.

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