Scott GiRi loves to ride the new school Afrobeats (EXCL. INTERVIEW)

Lagos-born but Estonia-based act, Toheeb Abiola Ilelaboye, known professionally as Scott GiRi is an artist that is set to shoot into the star heights of the Nigerian Music industry. The intentional artist is well known for his unique style and representation of the Afrobeats/Afropop Genre — a style the artist loves to refer to as afrogiri. His musical layout and output is always thematically designed in a way that connects directly to his inner thoughts.

He started as strongly as an artist starts with a significantly successful debut EP, “Girian Update” hosted notable features like “Igbalode” with JAMOPYPER, “Deep Down” with EGAR BOI. The follow up “Girian Love” also did well with well over a Million combined plays as Scott continued his steady rise. He’s here with his third project titled “Girian Wave” and it is safe to say it is Scott GiRi perfected.

We invited the super artist over for a short but insightful exclusive interview and it was everything. Enjoy our correspondent’s chat with Scott GiRi:

Hello Scott, Amazing to have you here with us! Tell us a bit about your journey in Music

Thank You very much. For Me, Music have been my comfort and pleasure zone, like I always said I’m on my second chance at life because of music.

Wow. Great stuff. Scott Giri, a unique name that stands out. How did you come about your stage name?

Scott GiRi stands for Scott Get It Right In. GiRi is a Ginger abbreviation.

That is so thoughtful. What Genre do you reckon is your predominant one? What type of artist are you?

I’m a vibe artist, I go with the flow and vibe. I enjoy hype and making people dance at the same time. Afrogiri vibes

Afrogiri has a ring to it. Girian Wave, this is your third EP, what brought about it?

GiRian Wave is the wavelength and motivated by my Album which I have started working on.

Wow An Album by Scott GiRi on the way, you heard it here first! For this tape, What artists would you say influenced your sound or were acts you looked up to for inspiration

I wouldn’t say anyone influenced my sound, I have my sound and I enjoy listening to other sounds also vibing to them as A hype man.

Good one. Exposure is everything for artists who are on the verge. Tell us the inspiration behind Girian Wave the EP and why it is a must-listen

GiRian Wave is a composition of different vibes and genre, you will have to listen to understand that for yourself. All vibes on a wavelength.

The Readers will definitely be listening. Tell us a little about the team that worked with you on this and the features

It was a pleasure working with all the artists such as Big Lee, Sparks, Badoolee & Josy Feijo. Also producers on the GiRiaN wave collection, From producers such as Egar Boi , Money Magnet & Executive Scott. Mixed by Mixhard. It was a smooth transition and the recording atmosphere was creatively relaxing with these amazing people

Amazing. We at the A-T team are big fans of your art already. Moving forward, what plans are we to expect from you, visuals?

We got a lot in the bag, working on some surprising visuals on the EP as the wavelength gets better and bigger.

Yet another exclusive. New Visuals incoming off Girian Wave. Get Prepared for everything Scott has got coming this year and beyond. But before then, make sure you spin the amazing new EP, “Girian Wave” by Scott GiRi.

Thank You for speaking with us today, Scott!

Listen to Scott Giri’s “Girian Wave” Here.

Follow Scott Giri on Instagram: @scottgiri_official and on twitter: @scott_giri

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