Superstar YB announces the release of his debut project titled ‘Afro King’

In Nigeria, the industry seems to be split into two largely different sections; the Elite and Underground section. Most music lovers are more focused on the elites forgetting the underground section. They are actually right to do that, but it must be noted that the underground section also has a lot to offer. Superstar YB is one of the underground artistes that has been buzzing below radar in recent times, and needs to be taken serious.

Following some considerable amount of success so far, the multi talented singer and songwriter has announced his debut project which is titled ‘Afro King‘ . This comes after a string of successful singles well accepted by his fan base and other music lovers. The project is scheduled to drop May 27th, and it got a lot of people in anticipation.

The Afro King project would contain four track, all composed by Superstar YB, without any features. His sound is highly influenced by Afrobeats, Pop, Dancehall and more; so it is safe to say the album promises to have a similar soind as his singles beforehand. His singles contained a deft blend of traditional and modern pop, with a spice of Dancehall. Most popular is a track titled Bottles, which even earned an Amapiano remix.

Without saying much, the project drops on Friday. It is definitely worth giving a listen as we bop to the tunes that the self proclaimed Afro King serves us. It promises to be magical. It already is.

Superstar YB Promo photos

Pre Order Afro King

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