Favors art cover.

There has been a new wave of music present in the country for a while now that has been under the radar. The #234Drill is a subgenre of Nigerian Hip-Hop Music. The emerging genre has been thriving solely on it’s acquired target till date, but something is about to change.

After releasing some great singles and a well accepted EP last year, Maupheen, one of the biggest stars leading the #234 Drill movement is about to release his new single titled Favours which features fusion artist Inart and another #234 Drill superstar Odumodublvck. It’s going to be magical.


Imagine this situation, two hot list rappers doing their verses with a fusion artist taking over hook duties. Based on all experience, it’s always a bop and also one of the releases of the year. Well, we are so confident this would be one of the best releases of the year because of the pedigree of the artists involved.

That said, if you are a #234 Drill fan, do not sleep on this bop, it would do more to solidify your taste in Nigerian Drill music. On the other hand, if you are not a fan of this genre, take a listen nevertheless, this song would get you hooked to Nigerian Drill. We are so confident.

Pre save here.

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