Ninety’s sound is impeccable on “Rare Gem” [EP REVIEW]

Rare Gem The Album.

Ninety, full name Alabo Tuwonimi Tuonims, dropped his debut album following the success of his previous singles. The album titled Rare Gem has been a blessing so far with many fans claiming it is a quality album that would go a long way to boost his career and take him to his deserved heights. Those claims are actually true and anyone who has listened to this body of work would definitely agree to that.

Rare Gem contains seven tracks which runs for nineteen minutes. Here is our track by track review of this lovely album.


The intro to the album and it fittingly deserves it. A soft, mid tempo track where Ninety asks his girl to hold his side. He pleads to the girl not to leave him. The lyrics, the melody, the production work makes the track more enjoyable. This is infact the best track of the album. Also, it has a high replay value and it could go on to be the most acclaimed song off the album. This track would fit into lots of playlists; that is how nice it is. Watch out for this tune in the coming months.


This another song where Ninety flexes his pen game. His rhmes are mighty and the way he glides on the beat is nothing short of fantastic. This is exactly what is needed after the intro, a relaxed track to keep things going smoothly. A smooth transition to the next phase of the album. Also, the production work on this is slick.


A full length Nigerian project is not complete without an Amapiano track (well, no one said that, I did). This is an Amapiano track with a lot of groove in it. A potential party jam on our hands if it is well pushed. The melody on this track is top notch, the production is sick as usual. As the name implies, the track sees Ninety telling his babe not to kiss and tell. The phrase is regularly used by partners in a romantic relationship not to reveal secret things about the affair to any other party. Another good track to add to an already interesting so far.



This was the only pre released track before the album. This was meant to wet people’s appetite ahead of the album, and it did not limit expectations. Diamond is another track that would make a lot of private and public playlists. It has an alte vibe in it. The use of back up vocals beneath the song makes it sonically nice. Diamond is a love song, it talks about Ninety’s willingness to spend his lifetime with his girl, he also goes to the length of asking her to name the bride price. A beautiful love song placed at the middle of the album. A special tune for ages to come.


This is a track to switch the tempo up again. Ninety keeps asking his girl different questions on this. He wants to check the loyalty of his girl. Skip to my lou has to be the easiest song to write off this project. He seems so relaxed all over and it passes over to the listeners as well; this is a track to chill with.


This perhaps does not really match the level of the previous songs, but it is not a filler as well. A good track with good production. Ninety ate as well.


When this came on at first, I was like “Wow, Ninety did this as well?”. This track caught me by surprise. A lovely outro to an already outstanding album. If he recorded this last, he got it spot on. The production is great and it’s no surprise to see he co-produced it. Ninety confesses his feelings to his lover here, stating he is ready to give her all her wants and needs. I’m still in awe. There’s a point in the song that goes thus “Bend low and see what Ninety can do“; Ninety truly showed what he is capable of doing.

This is a great project from top to bottom. Everything was spot on. The delivery and execution by Ninety is top notch. It is one of the best I have listened to this year. He took his time and now he is reaping the fruits. Ninety is here to stay.

RATING: 8/10

Listen Here.

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