MystiQ, the patient veteran ready to Breakout [Excl. Interview]

We have a sit-down with the amazing and graceful MystiQ. Blessed with the opportunity to have a one-on-one with the captivating aura of a super-talented and brilliant act, the only MystiQ.

Ubelejit Egop, known professionally as Mystiq, is a Port Harcourt indigene – Born, bred and raised. She has been in and around the music industry for close to a decade and all the while has been an artist specific and intentional about her art.

Faced with the rigorous challenges of the music industry, she admits to have not been at the level she would have loved to be due to “normal music challenges”, quoting her exact words.

Despite the difficult times, Mystiq’s love for the music enabled her to keep releasing music through the years, releasing at least a single every year since 2013, thereby building a portfolio to be proud of.

Mystiq and Don Jazzy

We invited the super artist over for a short but insightful exclusive interview and it was everything. Enjoy our correspondent’s chat with Mystiq:

Hello Mystiq, lovely to have you here with us today.

Thank you very much. Happy to be here today with the A-T team.

Briefly tell the listeners about your background

My name is Ubelejit Egop; I’m from Rivers State, Nigeria; grew up in Portharcourt;

Amazing. What are your thoughts on other PH-Bred acts making huge waves such as Omah Lay, Burna, Ajebo Hustlers. Any hope of collaborating someday?

I think they are all doing very fantastic, out there contending with other acts that have the demography in their favor in terms of being locals from where this music business takes of. They still are at the forefront regardless of these circumstances. Kudos to them. Yes I hope some day they will love to do a collaboration with me. I like all of them.

That is so thoughtful. What Genre do you reckon is your predominant one? What type of artist are you?

I’d say my strength is in dancehall; though I’m capable of making other genres; as you would notice in my latest EP kinsmen; track two was a whole other vibe entirely; I put it just to create an awareness that; see; there’s a lot this artist is capable of; there’s so much to the range I can stretch that even I have not tapped into yet.

We are not ready! You’ve got a new EP coming up, is it your debut project?

No, Kinsmen is not my debut project; I released my debut project in 2016; it’s called MOSTAMAZING

Y’all heard it here first. Go catch up on previous Mystiq music before the new drop this Friday.

You’ve chosen “Kinsmen” as the title for this one, any insight as to what it means?

Kinsmen is what I would love to call my fanbase, moving forward. I consider this EP as one that would unveil me more out there, so it’s me beckoning on my people; the ones that are going to accept me as their artist, hopefully their favorite. If Kinsmen doesn’t get you trying to figure out who is behind the music, then to be honest, I think nothing else would.

The revelation of Mystiq. Intriguing. The listeners/readers would love to know what to expect on this tape

Expect diversity. Expect realness; rawness; Expect a message. Expect big vibrations.

Dynamic music always the best. Tell us a little about the team that worked with you on this.

The team doesn’t consist of too much. I set up a home studio; got my producer GOOSEBUMPS; told him the theme of the EP; and he knows me, and my demeanour so it was easy for him to make beats that suit my style and the way I carry myself. The cover art and anything that had to with the art in the EP was made my MAG DESIGNS; the EP was mixed and mastered by Mike Smith, for Analog mastering Studios; they’re a company based in America; I needed the best so I sent it over to him; I think he did great. Everyone on the project gave it their best and I’m grateful for that.

Teamwork makes the dream work. What are your favorites off the EP?

At first it was ‘Gangsta riddim’; that was the first song I recorded; then the rest came and I got confused. I’d just say ‘choke’ sha, because I perceive choking season.

Mystiq’s tenacity accompanied by the love she’s got for her art is the kind of drive every artist aims to achieve and one that has seen her keep afloat all these years. Hard work like that is bound to be smiled at by the gods of music at some point and this could well be Mystiq’s year as she gears towards the release of her new extended play, KINSMEN.

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