Misterkay is silky smooth on mini-project “TOAST” Capsule

GenreAlternative soul, RnB

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Mid-Tempo. Chill vibes. Smooth vocals. Soft instrumentals. On a couch with a glass of wine — You are most definitely listening to Misterkay, a master at work.

Sequel to the release of the widely-accepted collab Extended Play with Victor Collins, “Lust & Emotions”, Misterkay is ready to end the year with solo work as he delivers two fresh new tracks this New music Friday.

Applauded especially for his performance on “ltf” and “Belly Dancer”. Misterkay’s husky vocals and wonderful singing technique Is truly something to behold.

His unique rendition of Alternative soul/RnB is even more magical on “TOAST”. TOAST — A Pack of two singles ‘Diego’ and ‘Dirty Diana’ has Misterkay offering relatable lyrics over super-smooth breezy production. (Both Produced and Engineered by Master Maison)

The entire project is basically Misterkay painting vivid pictures over husky vocals. “Diego” tells a story of an artistic photographer who praises the artsy figure and rhythmic movement of his muse while he hints at his insatiable desire for her. It has got a killer Refrain too. The production of Track 1 blends in nicely into the start of “Dirty Diana” which tells a tale of a bittersweet relationship with a mid-tempo chorus set to stay rent-free in your head.

“TOAST” Capsule by Misterkay is our #BestNewMusic of the Week.

A Must-have on your playlists especially if you’re a lover of smooth alternative music.

Listen to “TOAST” here.

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