Sustain taps Josh Kamba on street Dancehall tune “Ghetto Mantra”

After successful EP “Afrosus”, Sustain follows through with a soulful street anthem

Known predominantly for his being one of the best in his craft — Sustain found a way to mix old traditional sounds like fuji and Apala with modern Afrobeats rhythms. A wave of art that has seen him stand out amongst his peers and delivering an ever increasing fan-base.

He’s delivered a somewhat different yet entrapping new tune, “Ghetto Mantra”.

Ghetto Mantra offers an late 2000s-early 2010’s kind of production. A perfect mix of soulful street music and soft dancehall, Danfo drivers-esque but better refined.

Josh KAMBA delivered a solid second verse as both acts delivered a highly aspiring mid-tempo street tempo.

One for the streets and every hustler out there.

Listen to “Ghetto Mantra” here.

Follow Sustain on Social Media — @SustainOlami

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