JayBlu pens down his fluctuant feelings on “From Blu To You” [EP Review]

Genre Afro-fusion, Afro-Pop

Rating: 4 out of 5.


“JayBlu Ovie is the singer/songwriter you want to get familiar with”

Cover Art – From Blu To You

JayBlu Ovie, with the full name Okpanefe Joshua Ovie — A singer/songwriter hailing from Delta State who has had nothing but love for Music and everything it’s about. An intentional creative who has gained a habit of expressing his immediate feelings via penning down lyrics and enacting melodies since the tender age of 11. More times than often, it kickstarts this way — The road to superstardom.

Gaining a good portion of his now die-hard fans as an undergraduate student of the University of Lagos, JayBlu has always had a knack for the beautiful art that is Music.

Fast-forward to years later, years of grafting and honing his art unto perfection. JayBlu puts all the pieces together as he releases his first body of work. An Extended Play, “From Blu To You“.

A project that has been in the works for quite a while, JayBlu Ovie made it known that he put his entire heart into his debut release:

To Everyone else, ‘From Blu To You’ might just be 5 Tracks. However, Like you, I recognize that it isn’t just that. I know the actual cost was tons of effort and sleepless nights.

I know making this would’ve been a lot harder without you.

So, while the rest of the world enjoys the beauty we made. Here’s something else from Blu to you

A message from JayBlu Ovie

Odo opens the EP, a sax-fused feel-good mid-tempo production has JayBlu confessing his feelings. This writer’s favorite, Pull Up is track 2. The feelings are so raw on this but that was the plan from JayBlu.

In terms of streams and playlists recognition, Consider has become a fan favorite. Understandably so, the slightly upbeat tune has kicks that could have you bopping your head seconds into the track and a catchy chorus to go with. JayBlu taps talented singer Tari on Tell Me. Being the only featured act on the tape, she does amazingly well. JayBlu is all about loyalty on Dey For You as he closes out the tape in a superb manner.

This is as solid as a debut body of work gets. JayBlu Ovie gets it right on first trial and that in itself is more than impressive. All of the pieces come together in beautiful fashion; The songwriting, the delivery, the production, the AnR service. The only thing wrong with this EP is how agonizingly short it is. JayBlu’s lovely vocals are entrapping and more

Listen to the Amazing “From Blu To You” EP here

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