JayBlu Ovie is set to paint the town Blue with debut EP “From Blu To You”

The genre-bending talented artist announced the forthcoming arrival of his debut EP, “From Blu To You” this Tuesday.

After putting out his first official track “Unlonely” about two years ago which yielded a decent acceptance rate from music lovers, JayBlu decided it was time to put out his first body of work. According to JayBlu, He has been working on the tape for as long as two years:

To Everyone wlse, ‘From Blu To You’ might just be 5 Tracks. However, Like you, I recognize that it isn’t just that. I know the actual cost was tons of effort and sleepless nights.

I know making this would’ve been a lot harder without you.

So, while the rest of the world enjoys the beauty we made. Here’s something else from Blu to you

JayBlu Ovie to Listeners and Collaborators

Everything regarding the roll out of this Extended Play by JayBlu Ovie goes on to show He put his soul into the tape and that’s the kind of music you want to listen to — That which comes straight from the heart.

From Blu To You” is going to be Live across all streaming stores on Tuesday, 28 September.

You can be one of the first listeners as JayBlu Ovie has made it available for Pre-Order/Pre-Save. Pre-Order here.

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