Nigerian Hip-Hop act, Egbezi, dives in with us on his new Album, “Sunoma: The Propagation”

The Warri-Bred multi-genre act released his seventh studio project this Midnight and it has been everything for us and lovers of Hip-Hop, especially rap music coming from these parts of the world.

Sunoma cover art

We spoke to the cool-as-ice artist in a highly revealing 1 on 1 session.

Join us as we Inart takes us through a journey and help us see life via his lens.

(Interviewer = Bold, Egbezi = Italic)

Hello Egbezi, How are you doing? It feels good having you speak to us

Thank you A-T, it feels great talking with a platform that focuses on pushing young emerging artists like this.

Egbezi, Briefly tell the readers about your background

My parents named me Ebizimor Anthony Ogbe, but I also go by the stage name Egbezi. I’m an hip-hop recording artist, songwriter, producer and a medical Laboratory scientist from Warri, Nigeria.

Amazing stuff! Really Versatile. What type of music do you make and what inspires you to do it?

I make music for the soul, so one could say I’m a conscious lyricist. I try not to get boxed into any particular genre, but for the purpose of this convo, hip-hop is what I do. And it usually centers around Africa.

As for what inspires my music, it’s the everyday happenings I perceive around my environment and the society at large. What I’ve seen or lived is what I usually create.

Love the fact that you take advantage of your environment in making conscious music. Firstly, is this your Debut studio project?

First thing first, it’s not an EP laughs. It’s a seven track album. And no, it’s not my first project, it’s my seventh.

A 7-track Album it is. You’ve chosen “Sunoma: The Propagation” as the title for this one, any insight as to what it means?

Like I mentioned earlier, Sunoma is my seventh project. Also, in Izon/Ijaw language Sunoma means seven. And it’s why adopted the whole concept of 7 in respect to album title, the number of tracks and the July 7th release date. On the other hand the Propagation is a sequel to my previous albums. My first was ‘the inoculation album’ which was me introducing myself into the Industry; the second was “the adaption album” and now it’s the time to spread- the propagation.

Poetic vibes from you, Egbezi! So the listeners/readers would love to know what to expect on this tape

Sunoma is the first of its kind, and blend of hip-hop and highlife music. So yeah, they should expect original, unconventional & game changing music like they’ve never heard before.

Tell us a little about the team that worked with you on this

I basically did the whole damn thing. From the pre-production to the final finishing.

WOW! You heard it folks, exclusively on A-T. It doesn’t get more versatile than that Egbezi. Humor us with your favorite tracks off the Album

All of ’em. But if I’m to pick a few, then I’d go with track 2, 4 and 6. That’s ‘Who Dey Price’, ‘No One is Looking’, and ‘I am’… respectively

Perfectly laid out Egbezi. I’m sure anybody lucky enough to come across “Sunoma” would have the times of their lives.

Sunoma: The Propagation, Vol. 1” is OUT NOW all platforms. Listen for yourselves here.

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