[EP Review] Efi Cruise – JSS — Efi Cruise makes it all about “Her” on 3-track pack

Genre Afrobeats, Afrojazz

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


Efiom Ita, operates with the stage name Efi Cruise, released his anticipated 3-track body of work, JSS, on Wednesday.

Born in Lagos to Calabar parents, the fast-rising act who refers to his specific genre being “Southern Afro-Jazz” and has explained it to be a balanced mix of Afrobeats and Smooth Jazz music, with elements of Funk and even pop sometimes.

As it is for many, the backstory gives an insight as to the fire driving emerging acts. For Efi Cruise, it is the need to prove something not just to his fans, but to his friends and family who opted against him chasing a music career since 2017.

Down to the most important part, what type of music does Efi Cruise bring to the table? He’s opted against going for the vast majority as he selects a specifically unique style; Afro-Jazz, a smooth blend of musical sounds including Afrobeats, Highlife and Funk.

More of the same on his new 3-track Pack, “JSS”, which has serenaded his cult fanbase since it’s release.

The tape opens with “Jangolover”, an Afro-House track with subtle but vicious amapiano kicks. A random listener could dance to this all day. Efi Cruise has got you on your dancing shoes from Track 1.

You give me love wey sweet pass palmi

Efi Cruise on “Sade”

Efi Cruise is incapable of thinking outside his latest sensation, “Sade”. He’s absolutely mesmerized on the laid back saxophone-anchored production.

Efi closes the curtain on the EP with “She’s Mine”. A smooth-as-silk song that could mix well in a misty-eyed bar while sipping whiskey.

Efi Cruise is one to definitely look out for as the years progresses. His unique style is set to attract a target audience as his journey continues. JSS is a beautiful EP you should check out.


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