Afrobeats act, Prolifik Plsoo hits the ground running with sumptuous Debut EP, “MD CEO”

GenreAfrobeats, Afropop



The budding Afrobeats star shared his well-cooked and long-awaited debut EP, “MD CEO“.

MD CEO — A title that carries Twice the power and authority, a stamp of represented higher power and toughness. All these being the thoughts twirling through the enigmatic mind of the talented Prolifik as he recorded all 6 tracks on the cohesive tape.

Prolifik is no new Comer. He’s been in and around the block for years and his distinct fans had been looking forward to what a tape sounds from the not-just-talented but experienced act.

Teeing up award winning producers such as the legendary Sossick, Niphkeys and Illkonnect — Prolifik wasn’t just putting out a tape, Prolifik was putting out a tape that was devoid of unnecessary production flaws. His sound needed to be heard loud and clear.

Loud and Clear is what was projected on Track 1, “Odeshi” mixes Afrobeats sounds with the pulse of hard bass and kicks, Prolifik opens strong with energetic vocals. “Energy” is all Prolifik is bringing on this tape. His vocals are electrifying and infectious to the listeners. “MD CEO” the EP title track has got introduction of strings and Prolifik having ad-libs similar to that of the legendary D’Banj. A

Prolifik keeps the EP cohesive with the consistency of it’s theme. More impeccable Afrobeats production as he tells a vivid story about a certain Chinedu on “Tell Me“. 10/10 production as the lead single, “Shoti Get E” previews Prolifik just vibing in a rhythmic manner. A melodic love tune closes the tape in a beautiful way, Prolifik is “Out of Control” for his partner.

In a year where there are a lot of releases from emerging acts. This EP from Prolifik Plsoo stands out as one of the surprise tapes of the year and will garner only more fans for the super talented Afrobeats act.

Listen to Prolifik Plsoo’s “MD CEO” EP

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