Misterkay and Victor Collins struck RnB gold with collab EP, “Lust & Emotions”

Genre – RnB, Afrobeats

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Listen Here

Being a sadly popular location for the END SARS protests, Misterkay and Victor Collins met at the Lekki toll gate, exercising their rights to a peaceful protest. Collaborated to release their first joint song “FUCKING TIRED“.

This though would just be the beginning of their unity as they come back to double down on the deeply heartfelt EP, “Lust & Emotions“.

Victor Collins

The pair are everything but amateurs in the Music game. Misterkay boasts of multiple sold out shows across the continent and recognition from major media powerhouses. While Victor Collins has been a recording artist, songwriter and sound engineer for years.

Lust & Emotions“, like the title indicates, is an Afro-RnB project highlighting the disparity between LUST and EMOTIONS, all the while feeling chilled as Misterkay and Victor paint a picture of what it feels like to make soul music. From the critic angle, an RnB Body of work is arguably the most challenging project genre to put out. This is because it is intricate, it’s music that connects with the heart and not just the body. The production has got to be next to impeccable, the vocals mixed and mastered properly and the lyrics has to be intentional.

Misterkay & Victor Collins delivers that and more on this EP, opening the tape with lead single, 10PM in Lekki, which I have to admit, is a perfect lead single. The vocals of the acts mix with laid-back instrumentals with Afro elements. What a song! What a start!

Followed up with Belly Dancer and here we have Misterkay airing his lustful intentions over a hard bass backdrop beat. Both acts are offering a proper feel of what Afro-RnB should sound like. Timi Frost is showing production god levels as Desire offers a pop beat but stays cohesive to the theme of the tape. LTF has Victor Collins doing a Tay Iwar-esque performance with his incredibly sensual vocals on the low paced Afrobeats tune. A faster paced tune ends the tape, Wishlist is a proper Afrobeats Bop and could get you on your dancing shoes.

Listening to this tape has a calming effect. I wrote about how challenging it could be to execute am RnB tape properly but Misterkay & Victor Collins have done a super impressive job on “Lust & Emotions”. Not just them, the production, mixing and mastering is absolutely spot on and that’s shouts to the Producers and Engineers credited on this tape including Victor Collins himself.

You should listen to this EP. Listen to “Lust & Emotions“.

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