4RUNNA – Full Volume Care Package EP [Review] – 4RUNNA could be the future of Nigerian Hip-Hop

GenreHip-Hop, Rap

Rating – 9/10

Listen here.

On the 18th of this month, rising Hip-Hop prodigy, 4RUNNA released his debut body of work, an EP titled “Full Volume Care Package”.

There’s a different wave of new school rappers/hip-hop acts who’ve added a great deal of versatility to the the rap game. Rappers including Blaqbonez, Dremo, Psycho YP, Olamide(most especially) and a host of others have made known that rappers can dabble into other Genres while scoring a 100 on every music ground.

4RUNNA is that new rapper on the block not scared to dive into other Genres including Alté, RnB and even Pop, all the while being amazing at all fields. The PH-bred act has been skimming the surface of the music industry since early 2014 but is set to make ground-breaking progress this year with this new tape.

Speaking to the act in a 1 on 1 sit-down session, he helped me see music through his eyes. On what inspires him, he said:

Music Inspires me, the sheer fact that I could pass whole ass messages with melody as a stamp sort of. That line of thought for me is very exciting and I hope to keep sending these messages enshrined in melody


4RUNNA comes with quite some experience too, teeing up with Music engineer Doka Shot, frequent collaborator with the indigenous Ajebo Hustlers. Also including production credits from Kresh Maejor, guest feature from LT and inspiration from 4RUNNA’s own immediate uncle.

Have to add. I always give thanks to one of my uncles who at the time was into the business of putting songs on peoples phones , downloading games and all. Sometime around my 13th birthday he asked what I wanted for my birthday present. I replied I wanted an mp3 but I didn’t really think il’d get it. That’s when the rinsing started. And I credit that as one of the things that keeps me going. I always tell myself I listen to so much music not to make music.


Track-By-Track Review of “Full Volume Care Package”

The 3-track EP opens with the pre-released single “Street Fighter” featuring LT. The sample laced instrumentals is perfect for the melodious rap style 4RUNNA envisioned with LT delivering the chorus. The laid back tune has got 4RUNNA spitting bars with such amazing flow. This is one of the best Hip-Hop songs of the year.

Samplings and Interpolations are a very important part of the Hip-Hop culture and it is highly impressive 4RUNNA has taken this into account on this tape. “$100” begins with an interpolation of the famous Patience Jonathan’s “You were not informed too?”. 4RUNNA is all for chasing the bag on this. The man’s in his bag when he’s fixed on laid-back instrumentals.

Samplings + Melodic Hip-Hop is 4RUNNA’s cheat code. “The Distance” freestyle closes the tape but its in no way the least rated song on this.

Born with no pod to piss in, I’m like my own competition, I run with the wolves, I go the distance” 4RUNNA brags about his beautiful journey on this. The flow is even more captivating when you remember this is a Freestyle song. Wow

4RUNNA IS THE FUTURE. As an emerging hip-hop act, putting out a quality debut tape could be one of the most challenging things ever. 4RUNNA manages to go through this process unscathed—With flying colours even. “Full Volume Care Package” is as good as debut projects from emerging acts come. The 10/10 project has got replay value, bars, flow, quality production and mixing. It has basically got everything.

The PH-bred act couldnt have asked for a better debut project in all honesty. With a sophomore EP in the works, 4RUNNA is set to take the Nigerian Music Industry by storm


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