Realonyechi is most certainly “The Boss” as he shares his debut EP [EP Review]

Genre – AfroPop, Dance

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Listen here.

Realonyechi might just have the ability to do it all. At 19 years of age, facing the rigors of being a medical student in Unilag Medical School while being a super producer, singer/songwriter and stil putting out a project at the close of a somewhat difficult year. His dexterity is simply mind-blowing and what superstars are made of, really.

Following fairly successful lead singles “Ashake“, “Natasha” and “Don’t give up“– It was finally time to release a body of work and he knew It. A couple months later, Realonyechi is here to blow us away with his debut EP, “The Boss“.

It’s cover art is already as captivating as cover arts come. It features an old photo depicting Baby Realonyechi being held by his mother in a sitting position while posing for a photo. A fitting cover idea for a debut project. 100% self-produced with the mixing and mastering duties executed by the popular Spyritmix—there’s a whole lot to look forward to on this tape.

He is indeed the type of artist that loves to dabble in a bit of everything. Realonyechi delivers elements of Pop, Alternative, Dance and even Rap. The versatile act promises more of the same on “The Boss“. Let’s dive into it’s track by track analysis.

Track-By-Track review of “The Boss

Ashake” was a pre-released lead single before the tape and it introduces us to the album. The fast paced dance-themed tune is one for the club DJs. On this well-produced song, Realonyechi offers his never ending support for Ashake as he’s deeply rooted in love for her. A perfect intro and lead single. Realonyechi maintains the dance mood on “The Boss” . The highest streamed track off the tape so far, highly due to it’s catchy vibe, it could have been mixed better as the vocals sounded scattered for some parts. Still an enjoyable banger anyway. The mix obstacle was maintained on “Giddem“, the vocals aren’t as clear as they should but it’s still a nicely produced song.

The Boss tracklist

Addicted” carries a different vibe from the other tracks so far, it’s at a more chilled pace. The less than 2 minutes song might just be the best song off the tape but it’s short-lived duration leaves you begging for more. The EP curtains close with “Rockstar” which is also not as fast paced as the first three tracks and the end of the EP did not breathe the same fire as it’s start.

As it is the case with most debut projects, there is still a big room for improvement on Realonyechi’s sound. There is an upside though, most times, emerging acts struggle with production— This isnt the case with The Boss, it’s production was quite good and that is even more impressive when you remember it was self-produced by Realonyechi himself. His knack for catchy choruses/hooks is also one that will brood an increased fanbase in the future if he keeps to It.

A very enjoyable project with the stand out tracks being “Ashake“, “The Boss” and “Addicted“.

2 thoughts on “Realonyechi is most certainly “The Boss” as he shares his debut EP [EP Review]

  1. He is truly a young Super 🌟 from Naija, doing school and all round music in this tough time to me is the real 💯 Star in him.Naija is not ready for this ICON 🤩.

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