Kizz Daniel – King of Love [Album Review] — The No Bad Songs Streak Continues

Genre Afrobeat, Afro-Pop

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Two Years after his 2nd studio Album “No Bad Songz“, Kizz Daniel comes through with a 17-track LP “King of Love” on the sunny afternoon of June 25th to blow the mind of his fans and critics alike away.

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The Fly Boy Inc Record Label CEO became the first and only Artist in Nigeria’s music history to take home Headies Awards for Album of the year and Best R&B/Pop Album of the year with a debut Album, “New Era“. Topping “New Era” was always going to be the challenge for Kizz, the album came with an unbelievable form with Smash singles off the album like “Laye“, “Woju“, “Mama” and so much more. Coupled with his handsome looks, Kizz Daniel had the attention of the entire Mainstream community in 2016 – Everyone wanted to know who THIS guy was.

His sophomore album “No Bad Songz” was decent but proved to be a lagged effort, while it delivered some smashing records, it wasn’t a perfect body of work – At least not like “New Era“.

King Of Love” is his closest attempt yet as VADO delivers an enthralling piece of work. Kizz Daniel brought something new to the Afro-pop culture when he set off in 2016, be brought a different style of Danceable Afro-Pop that didn’t just give the urge to get on your dancing shoes, but also the catchy lyrics that tends to never leave your lips and pose a huge replay value – It’s more of the same on King Of Love, Kizz Daniel gave us Kizz Daniel.

The 17-track project features productions from various Afrobeat Kingpins including DJ Coublon, KrizBeatz, Selebobo, Lussh, Major Bangz, TY Mix and a few others. A huge chunk of the tracks were produced by Krizbeatz and DJ Coublon with both of them producing 8 songs between them – This could be the reason for some similar beats in a few tracks. The LP features pre-released lead singles “Fvck You“, “Jaho” and “Pak N Go“.

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The Theme of this project posses a threat to it’s perfect stature though, there is a problem of laying too much emphasis on the same subject matter, crippling the diversity that should come or that comes with every perfect project.

Other than that, Kizz Daniel has delivered a project aimed at moving people(All Genders) to dance and forget their sorrows – which is much needed in these difficult times – while delivering catchy sounds that are set to age well. Ranging from Low Tempo tunes to blazing fast tempo bops, and he did it all with zero features.

Track-By-Track Review of “KOL

The highly anticipated project starts off the right way with “Jaho” which was a pre-released single and gained decent mainstream attention, it is a mid-tempo Coublon-produced jam that pays homage to a higher power. It then ushers in unarguably one of the best songs on the LP, “Ada” currently has acquired the most streams on the project according to charts, the Fast Paced tune is an amazing song that features a brilliant production and could double as a Club banger and Wedding highlife jam. The first 10 songs on KOL are unstoppable, Kizz tells the tale of an average Nigerian man on “Boys are Bad“, the tale of his guys wanting no strings attached with a Woman and shielding his woman from them on an early 2010’s kind of production.New school Afropop is the new wave and Vado has gotten the hang of it on “We Want Comot“. “No One can take your Place“, Kizz sings on the cheesy love mid-tempo song “Aii“. “Pak N Go” was a smash hit and is set to reclaim plays on platforms with its re-inclusion on KOL, Lead singles don’t get better than this. Major Bangz do not miss, he produced “No Ticket” and he’s snapped yet again on “Need Somebody” with the first uniquely different production, It’s delayed bass drops gives room for Kizz’s vocals to be more audible.

Personally have always been of the thought that Kizz voice could do so much better, there is an element of dance in almost all his songs and this hides how good he can be vocally. on “Tempted To Steal” he explores his vocal ability on a canvas of slow-tempo acoustic renditions. “Yapa” is an absolute vibe, the smooth tune is set to put you in a cruise. The song that hit the mainstream early 2019 and everyone wanted to jump on the beat, “Fvck You” was included on this LP, the tune is as smooth as the track preceding it, it talks about how he was emotionally derailed by a partner that had been playing games. “One Day” is yet another dance-able tune in which Vado cries for the forgiveness of a lost partner on a mid-tempo sound.

The level of quality reduced slightly from hereon, “Find a Bae” is another similar production from KrizBeatz. The basslines on “Padi” is adorable but possesses scattered lyrics that does not portray whatever it’s subject matter is, “Chana” and “Pipa” are equally as confusing and could just be fillers for the LP. KOL ends on a strong note though with “Hook“, Kizz sings with a different singing technique that airs mockery at random doings by people.

KOL was long-anticipated by the music world and Kizz Daniel did not put his subjects to shame. KOL is easily one of the best Nigerian projects this year has had to offer and could have – maybe – been his best if the Project was trimmed to 13 songs or thereabout. Still an amazing project you should get on your Playlists.


  • Ada
  • Yapa
  • Aii
  • Need Somebody
  • Tempted to Steal
  • Hook

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