[Music Review] theblackboyjohn – It Coulda Been Me

Genre – Rap, Hip-Hop

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Listen Here.

Nigerian-Born Hip-Hop sensation John Samari with the stage name theblackboyjohn is an emerging Rap prodigy based in the US. He is an artist set to take the world by storm with his epic technique of spitting bars right from the core area of his heart.

Being on the music Scene for three years, theblackboyjohn has released top bops with highly rated such as “Diego“, “A-Game“, and “Flex” featuring Sean Sza. The success of these songs have produced an offset of streams on Streaming Platforms and recognition from both Foreign and Local Hip-Hop MCs including Nigeria’s Ice Prince and UK’s Sneakbo. theblackboyjohn is the future.

“It Coulda Been Me” Official Video

On his latest Single titled “IT COULDA BEEN ME“, theblackboyjohn, being a black man in the US, pours his heart out through rhythmic bars to air his concerns on the unacceptable systematic/unsystematic discrimination of the country towards the black culture.

It Coulda been Me is a Cxdy-produced record which consists of background Trap kicks on Flute sounds to give a standard Hip-Hop feel. theblackboyjohn centres on how whats been going on to the major victims could have been him, and how issues at large like Police Brutality, Racism, Social discrimination and Incarceration should be stopped.

It Coulda Been Me is available across all music Platforms. Listen Here

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