August Alsina Set to Return with New Album next Friday

August Alsina who had been indisposed for the past 5 years sent his fans into sheer happiness when he announced on June 18 that he was returning to the music scene – With a full Album and a docuseries.

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The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy coming 6/26

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Cover Art and Release Date.

The RnB singer has had a difficult past few years, having to deal with the sad death of his father and sister and almost losing his life after falling dangerously ill to a severe auto-immune disease that impaired his mobility.

He has done magnificently well to rise from all that as he announced he shall be releasing his first Album in 5 years titled “The Product III: State of EMERGEncy” on June 26. The 27-track Project will include guest features from Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Juicy J and Darrell Walls.

The “Benediction” singer took to his official Instagram account to announce the Album’s official Tracklist, Release date, Cover art and gave an insight into how his health journey has been:

“I’ve been working. Been working on myself, my family and my health,” He Said.

“While on my journey I’ve discovered that life is like one huge puzzle w/ limitless pieces. I’ve been putting the pieces of my puzzle together — with my new music and documentary, stateofEMERGEncy”

The goal of this project is to expose myself through the art and to help others reveal their true selves. Go back into the past, bring it into the present and positively impact our future,” he went on.

I want to show the community that we’ve all had to overcome some type of obstacle, some greater than others, but pain is pain… and pain and its threshold is subjective and different for each individual.

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Through the sharing of my own life stores, I hope to show that these things are only experiences and they do not define who we are. It is simply given to us to help build and grow, catapulting us into our next dimension into our newer selves. (Hence the title emerge-and-see)“.

Through this creative process, I’ve emerged a stronger, more resilient person,” he concluded. “I hope you enjoy and to see you soon.”

The Album which would be his third Studio Album is going to be preceded by a 5-Episode Docuseries on Youtube titled “stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina” which will be released on June 21.

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stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina begins 6/21

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The RnB artist’s return from such difficult times is extremely inspiring and we can’t wait to hear from the massively talented singer on June 26.

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