Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj Joint Album in the works – Weezy Confirms

The anticipation all began when Young Money‘s Official Twitter teased a joint project from both former record label mates, but it was suspected to be an aim at building hype for the coming episode of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Radio which featured Nicki Minaj as a guest on the show.

It did not take long to be revealed as Lil Wayne indeed confirmed the coming of a joint project from both superstars. It was revealed via a conversation between himself and Nicki Minaj on the latest episode of Young Money Radio where she was a guest. The highly satisfying conversation went as thus:

Yeah, We Doing the Album” Lil Wayne revealed. “A lot of the fans been asking about it. When we gon’ do this?”

Nicki Minaj replied with happy willingness “You already know, your wish is my command

She did go on to reveal how huge a task it would be to go toe-to-toe with Weezy on a full project, “It’s scary. It’s scary to put a verse on something after you put a verse on it. Last time we worked together was the Post Malone remix, remember we did that? Love that. But it’s like me really, really having to think so much…I gotta go hard. I can’t just…you know, wing it. So that’s the only thing I would be scared of

The stars came together to deliver a 5-Star remix of Post Malone’s Hit single “Rockstar” in 2017 and they both didn’t miss. The remix was featured on Weezy’s “Dedication 6” Mixtape

But I would definitely do it. Whenever you say the word,” Nicki added, prompting Lil Wayne to confirm that he will send a couple songs to her later that night for the inclusion of her verses.

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Lil Wayne recently dropped the deluxe edition to his 2020 Album “Funeral” while Nicki Minaj has also been one of the trending topics on Social Media after the Rapper recently jumped on a collaboration with 6ix9ine, “TROLLZ” with it’s video breaking YouTube records.

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