WurlD – AFROSOUL EP (Review) – A Beautiful Body of Work and Food for the Soul

GenreAfrobeat, Soul, Alternative

Rating – 8/10

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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WurlD’s ability to mix in between Genres and execute them so perfectly is one of the best in the country. Ranging from his airy vocals on the Groovy ‘MAD‘ with Sarz to his amazing work on the Hook and Chorus on ‘Sweet in the middle‘, which is arguably the best part of the song.

Sadiq Onifade has been able to attract to himself, a loyal fan base. A fan base that has come to fall in love with his Unique way of mastering the art of feeling a lot of things while listening to a WurlD song. He glides over styles that include natural AfroPop, Soul, RnB, while also dabbing sounds that include deep African sounds, Jazz, Alternative, Highlife, and even Reggae infused rhythms. All of this while remaining vocally outstanding. It’s basically a Superpower.

One thing that has separated WurlD from his new school Afrobeat pairs is his wonderful Pen Game. His technique of arranging the musical components in a track while delivering decent lyrical content and rhythm is just so good!

On the midnight that ushered in 15th of May, WurlD dropped his 7-track EPAFROSOUL‘ on streaming platforms and said that it was just a precursor to the actual full length album which is very much still set to drop this year. The Lagos-Born singer continues to stamp his ground in the Nigerian music industry and abroad with his discography layout. A layout that reflects an amazing work rate which has seen him drop as many as 3 musical projects in the space of 14 months. This is the dream of every music lover – to see their favorites release as many projects as they can. WurlD is aware of this hack and he’s using it to the full advantage of his brand.

AFROSOUL‘ is just an extension into the WurlD that we foreknew. The Singer-Songwriter had this to say about the new project:

It is a fusion of Afrobeat and Electronic/Soul vibes, and positions the project as one which “further defines my unique sound and ability to connect with my fans in vast regions.


Like the title suggests, AFROSOUL is the answer you get when you take Afrobeat and fuse it with slow rhythmic tunes. These rhythmic tunes could range from RnB/Soul vibes to Electro-Alternative flow and whatnot. It is a project that is set up to bring inner peace to the soul via dreamy vocals while also giving the urge for you to get your dancing shoes.

Renowned Afrobeat producers Del B, Shizzi and KEL-P took charge of the production on this project and they lived up to expectation. The Production/Sound Work is impeccable.

Track-by-Track Review of ‘AFROSOUL

This isn’t one of those projects that start slow and strengthens as it progresses. The starter track “NATIONAL ANTHEM (GROWING WINGS)” is one of the best tracks on the tape. It is a two-part track that sees its first part possess an uptempo high-life themed production with a beautiful mix of Saxophone and Basslines to produce a carnival-esque groove, while the second part of the track (GROWING WINGS) demonstrates the exact opponent of the first part by being pure low tempo soulful music. The first track of the tape tells the whole story of the tape; Fusing Afrobeats with Soul music.

GHOST TOWN” is a Reggae-Jazz fused track that tend to be food for your soul with WurlD’s silvery vocals. WurlD takes it to dance floor on the up-tempo track ‘LOVE NOBODY‘ filled with Hard bass laden Afrobeat. “STORY” is a song of similar sound to Tolani’s ‘Liar. The melodic New school AfroPop tune is set to put you put you in a feel-alright cruise.

Lead single off the project, “WAYO (KPE LE WU)” was pre-released before the EP’s release. This is understandable seeing as it is a commercial kind of song and highly relatable. It’s production was handled by KEL-P and he showed why he’s currently one of the hottest producers in the game now. A JAM!. It’s literally Quarantine season and we can’t “COME OUTSIDE” but WurlD comes out with his feelings as asks his female counterpart for clarification on where he stands on the Del B produced melody.

There’s absolutely no skips on this EP as it ends on the note which it started, with yet another Bop, “BIRTHDAY SONG AND PALMWINE RIDDIM“. Like it’s title suggests, the Saxophone themed Groovy song could act as both a birthday tune and a Palmwine turn-up cruise jam. It features ZEAL VVIP whose verse flows seamlessly with the beat. 10/10 Highly recommend.

Definitely one of the best projects out of these parts this year. With “AFROSOUL“, WurlD continues to prove that his Unique Sound is here to stay while building an impressive Discography Cascade.

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