Odunsi the Engine – EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE EP(Review) – Odunsi comes through with the Alté Cruise

Genre – Alté, Synth Pop, Alternative

Rating – 6/10

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIEVE IN ALTE MUSIC, IT’S TIME YOU STARTED PAYING ATTENTION. ‘Alté‘ – basically the blissful product gotten from the fusion of the Alternative genre and Afro sounds with slices of various other sounds – is finally beginning to get the attention it promised to gain when it emerged fully about 2-3 years ago. Odunsi the ENGINE has been on the forefront of the movement – being an artiste and producer of the genre, his level of dexterity when it comes to the genre is absolutely off the charts.

The whole country has been waiting on a new Odunsi album after the acclaimed ‘King of Alté‘ went on a musical hiatus for months. The hiatus not being the only reason for the nationwide thirst, Odunsi’s debut album ‘Rare‘ gave the mainstream world a unique sound, a sound it has come to be widely familiar with considering how fellow Alté sounder Santi was accepted with wide arms. No one quite does it like Odunsi though. Songs like ‘Star Signs‘, ‘Tipsy‘, ‘In the morning‘, ‘Alté Cruise‘ and a host of others do not only pose a great replay value, more importantly, they stand the test of time – They age perfectly. THE MAINSTREAM WORLD FELL DEEPLY IN LOVE AND CRAVED FOR SOME MORE LOVE.

Last December was the hint of a new Odunsi project in months when the country first heard his enigmatic single ‘Wicked, Sexy’ featuring Maison2500 which was first premiered on set at Santi’s ‘No Tears in the Jungle‘ concert series in Lagos. This got everyone super excited and the question on everyone’s Lips was “Where is the Album, Odunsi? Give us that album“.

While the full Album is still in the works, Odunsi finally blessed his loyal fans with the release of a 7-Track EP.

The news of ‘EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE‘ was met with such gladness and anticipation that has seen the EP top streaming Charts since its release.

EVERYTHING YOU HEARD IS TRUE’ (EYHIT) is a body of work that encompasses a whole range of feelings and emotions while keeping the originality of its sound source intact. Like the name suggests, the project is Odunsi surrendering to whatever anyone has to say. It is a final acceptance of whatever anyone has got to say about his fashion choices, way of expression, lifestyle and other topics critics have found rather weird. Speaking on an exclusive interview with NATIVE, Odunsi had this to say about the new tape:

Just like a combination of everything anyone’s felt about me, everything anyone wants to believe, because at the end of the day it’s their perspective and I can’t battle someone’s views. Hence the EP name. Literally because everything you hear is true, because if you believe this or that then that’s what it is. It’s not a war thing, I’m not going to war with anyone about my personality or my vision, it’s more like if you’re with it, you’re with it.  It’s kind of like a statement

Odunsi on the EP ‘EYHIT’

EYHIT is a statement from Odunsi that the vision never changes irrespective of what outsiders might think.

What type of sound does EYHIT propel? The new tape focuses on the complexity and mixture of difference sounds meshed to give a fountain of pure and better Alté Cruise. The EP on a whole has a more trappy feel compared to other Odunsi sounds which makes it a little different, other than this, it is the same beautiful Alté Sound that we’ve all come to Love.

Track-by-Track Review of ‘EYHIT

luv in a mosh” is a dreamy intro that relaxes you into the EP, like majority of the songs on the tape, the sound/production takes center stage while the vocals lay soothing in the background. A fan-favorite, “nu finesse” has got a different type of feeling, a mid-tempo Trap-infused bass sound that makes up for its scanty lyrics with a beautiful catchy flow. “airplane mode” is the Odunsi sound we are more familiar with, although its detail doesn’t converge into an individual element, at just over a minute, it is way too short to gain your attention for long.

PDA!‘ features Maison2500 who brings his vibe on the hook and gives trap-feel vocals that mix perfectly with the type of mid-tempo synth production. Lead single “wicked, sexy!”, is the song fans have been looking forward since Odunsi premiered it on set in December. The catchy chorus is one set to stay on fans lips for a while, the song which features Maison2500 is an obvious improvement on the previous track, definitely one of the best songs off the tape. Hard bass bops never gets old, “body count” proves this as it aims at destroying the guilt trip that comes with an enormous body count with Amaarae giving vocals that possess the ability to keep your eardrums under a spell. This track gives the perfect mixture of beautiful production and decent lyrical content. Huge thanks to Amaarae, DETO BLACK, Gigi Atlantis as they deliver an amazing collaboration on this.

Don’t worry bout’ yo body count

let your body bounce

Amaarae on ‘body count’

The outro track ‘Shuga Rush‘ is yet another short song that has got a rather confusing sound. The EP ends on a note that tells the story of the whole project – Neither Poor nor Great.

Being one of the most experimental projects to come out of these parts this year, this gives room for a couple of musical errors and grey areas. Nevertheless, Odunsi continues to expand his mastery of dreamy productions that delivers harmonies that are definitely going to subject you to a Cruise/Vibe feeling. An Enjoyable body of work.

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