Niall Horan – Heartbreak Weather (Album Review)

ALBUM GENRE: Pop, Country Pop, Acoustic, Pop Rock.



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Going back to the heart-wrenching😢 Break up of One direction in 2016, there were questions and thoughts about how their individual careers would turn out to be. A whole lot of people anticipated Harry Style’s, Zayn’s, and Liam Payne’s solo careers but not a whole lot of people cared about Niall Horan’s solo career, this is obviously due to the fact that he really wasn’t really the face of the British-Irish Boy Group.

Apparently it would turn out, he was already prepared for his Solo Journey seeing as he was the second fastest to put out an album after their split up, only behind Harry Styles. Anyway, it would later appear they both had epic album fails amidst a few good singles 🤐

Any 1D Follower can agree with me when I say, none of these guys have really hit the ground running since their split up, they were practically made for each other. With all of them trying different styles of music other than the 1D signature style. Harry started with Full Rock mixed with Funk Pop later on, Niall embraced the country side obviously because of his amazing guitar ability, Liam went to the Full-on Pop side while Louis drifted to a genre if of music I’m not entirely sure of 🤔

Our major focus here is Niall Horan though, after struggling with his Solo debut album project “Flickr” which was mostly country/Acoustic music, he’s finally come to embrace his roots which is One Direction. Heartbreak Weather sees to that 😍.

One Direction evolved from Teen Pop to Major Rock Pop and Contemporary Pop. Niall goes straight back to this style – and it works for him! 😎

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Heartbreak Weather is a beautiful album, it sees Niall land in his comfort zone, the zone he’s so used to at 1D. Like it’s name entails, Heartbreak Weather is an album that talks about Love, Heartbreak, past relationships and trying to deal with them.

It’s an album that mixes everything, from acoustic Pop, to Rock Pop to Bop Funk beats. It’s production is all in check. Vocals aren’t left unattended to also as Niall (who was always know to be one of the best Vocalists when 1D was still active) does amazingly well with sweet vocals up to Rock-y vocal shouts of periodic Catchphrases.

Album Artwork

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Just like I said for Harry Styles, Niall Horan improves tremendously on his second Solo project.

Onto the difficult part of the review, here are ALBUM TALKS™ top 5 songs of the album with the best musical quality. You might disagree with this list due to the fact that all the songs on the album are amazing, but here goes;

5.) Heartbreak Weather

Sharing the same title with the Album, Heartbreak Weather, which was the first track of the album was a good way to start the album. The up-tempo bass beat catches your attention and makes you want to listen to what the rest of the album offers.

Disappointed that the song actually talks about finding love when it’s title seems to tell a different story. But then – 1D fans wouldn’t care because this song gives One Direction music Vibes as much as it gets.

4.) Arms Of A Stranger

A song you’d want to keep on repeat. The Chorus is the best part of ‘Arms of a stranger‘. It tells a story of trying to get over a past relationship – in sync with the album’s story.

Basic but understandable lyrics on a soft Rock-Pop tune. Another 1D-esque song.

3.) Cross Your Mind

This song gives the feeling that you’ve heard it somewhere before, I can think of at least three songs that are similar – especially Post Malone’s ‘Circles‘.

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It’s similar to a lot of songs due to its heavy repetitive bass lines over an electric guitar and nicely timed hand claps. It’s an amazing and catching tune, would have rated a whole lot higher if it was a little bit original and the lyrics wasn’t a little bit Childish.

2.) Nice to Meet Ya

Couldn’t think of a better lead single for the album, he’s picked the best song for the lead single.

Niall tweaks his voice in an Hozier-esque manner and it gives this western feel to the song. It’s production which starts piano keys, then repeating claps before the heavy electric guitar/Drums combo which gives off an early 2000s Pop-Rock vibe.

It’s amazing to see how far Niall Horan has grown since the break up of the Band, these are the sort of beats he’d never imagine himself executing – and executing well.

Nice to meet ya, non-shy Niall 🤝

1.) Dear Patience

On my first listen, this was only track 3 but I immediately knew it’d be one of the best songs on the album.

It’s production is what first catches your attention, it seems like it’s a low-tempo ballad song at first with separate acoustic keys but it’s not, it was an intentional attempt to bring out his vocals. Only lasted for a minute before the tambourines and drums join in. By then, the style switches immediately from a ballad to a mid-tempo Funk Pop feel. All this while Niall keeps his vocal balance. The last few seconds contains violin sounds that almost brings you(me) to tears.

It shows us the two but all similar sides of Niall Horan – and it’s a joy to hear.

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