Olamide – 999 EP (Album Review)

EP RATING: 6.5/10

GENRE: Hip-Hop/Rap, Afrobeat

Stream Link:

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On Sunday, Nigerian indigenous rapper, Olamide YBNL announced his 9th Project, an EP, coming the following day. I’m sure this caused a leap of joy in the hearts of every Nigerian on the first time they saw the news.

The EP got its title “999” strategically from the fact that it’s got 9 features, 9 tracks and was released at 9PM (Nigerian time). Intriguing 😅

This EP meant a whole lot more because Baddoo who is known for dropping album Projects every year hadn’t dropped a Solo Project since his “Lagos Nawa” album that came in 2017.

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Olamide hadn’t dropped an album in a while, and that was understandable seeing as he was putting in a lot of work into his record Label YBNL. During the period, he did a superb work on the massive up-rise of Fireboy DML, one of his Record label signings. He also worked on the YBNL Mafia joint album and everything regarding the signing of new YBNL artists.

The King decided to drop one for himself and it was like he never left👑🔥

No one comes close to Olamide when it comes to originality. His Unique attitude of bringing upcoming artists into the limelight under his tutelage is admirable, and something for other made artists to aim towards.

999 is an EP that touches basically everything a natural Olamide project touches. Having money and making more money, Hustle, women and the club life, starting from the street and being successful. All that with a truck-load of very catchy Lines and phrases. The Natural Olamide way🚨🔥

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He’s brought artists up all his life and he’s not about to stop. 999 contains 9 features with Phyno being the only known feature. This is amazing but it would later become a case of being ‘a gift and a curse‘. The inexperience of these upcoming artists showed glaringly on the EP.

Phyno’s quality was a class apart from every other feature. The features didn’t give the excitement you expect from Upcoming artists and they’re going to need to be better if they’re to make their names in the Industry.

I’m sorry if you expected the AfroPop-Singing Olamide, Hip-Hop Olamide was what we got on 999. But Here’s the thing, Olamide wanted a strictly Hip-Hop project but got a lot of major AfroPop producers on the project, the likes of Pheelz, Cracker Mallo. ID Cabasa produced Track 9 and I feel the production stood out in terms of Hip-Hop because he’s a known Hip-Hop producer.

999 is a project you probably don’t want to play for your kids😅. There’s a whole lot of 🔞 songs and lines, maybe too much?

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Here are ALBUM TALKS™ top 3 songs of the EP you need to listen to:

3.) Warlords (ft. Phyno, Snow, Cheque, Rhatti)

This is Cypher music. A combination of Phyno and Olamide could never go wrong!

A scattered mixing and mastering wasn’t enough to stop the quality of this song. The repeated Bass in the beat just makes for an amazing template for Olamide and Phyno’s rap to fit seamlessly. Cheque and Rhatti played their part but could have been better.

A good song all round. Produced by Pheelz

2.) Dance With the Devil (ft. Sosa-E & Jackmillz)

The Eskeez-produced song is a vibe👌. The Mid-tempo Hip-Hop tune puts you in a kind of cruise.

Olamide via his official Twitter account said this is his favorite song off the EP because of the vibe and its vulgar content attracts ladies 🔞. I can understand why.

Sosa-E was actually very good on this, Olamide the best on the song, Jackmillz needs to do better.

1.) No Time

On an EP with 9 features, the best song ended up being an Olamide Single. This just shows class is permanent👍.

No Time‘ is the EP’s first track and it’s slow Tempo might deceive you into thinking this EP isn’t Hip-Hop based. Olamide produced this song himself and we all love to see it.

Olamide’s ability to fit into any kind of beat is arguably one of the best in the whole country. His melodic rap goes well with the slop tempo beat which is a mix of Bass and reoccurring drums.

With this EP, Olamide has shown us he’s still got more to offer and isn’t out of the discussion just yet!


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