Meghan Trainor – Treat Myself (Album Review)


GENRE: Pop, Dance-Pop, RnB, Funk-pop, Reggae Pop

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4 years ago – the last time we got a Meghan Trainor project. Treat Myself, her long-anticipated third studio album was scheduled to be dropped last summer but somehow got delayed due to Trainor wanting to “add more songs” much to the unhappiness of her fans of course.

She added songs and came up with a massive 15-track pop album. According to her, Treat Myself has been in the works since Spring of 2018 and she says she’s worked so hard on the Album.

I’ve never worked harder on an album or been more proud of the music

Meghan Trainor on an exclusive interview late last year.

Trainor is super-talented, a proven High-tempo Pop star with the huge success of Grammy-nominated ‘All about that bass‘, proven to also be able to go low tempo romantic pop with the amazing ‘Like i’m gonna lose you‘ with John Legend.

In a generation where singers aren’t limited to singing alone, singers jump into songwriters and even to music production, yeah its that crazy now😕. The Grammy-winning pop star is already an amazing singer with an above average vocal reach, the pop icon also famously writes or co-writes all of her songs. it gets more mind-blowing when you find out she wrote “Aint your Mama” for Latin popstar Jennifer Lopez 😯🤯.

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It’s always been about messages about self-acceptance and empowerment for Trainor and that’s not about to change. Treat Myself is an album that opens our eyes to an even more open and outspoken Meghan Trainor. just like the name implies, Its a Pop central album that talks about on putting yourself first, loving all of you before anyone/anything else. All of these messages is passed with amazing and versatile state of the art production values. It’s production really stands out in an altogether beautiful album. Hard work – it would seem – has paid off.

Here are the Album Talks top 5 songs from ‘Treat Myself‘ based on musical quality:

5.) Evil Twin

The kind of Dance-pop signature Trainor is known for. The pop star talks about how her alter ego(her Evil Twin) makes the bad decisions and not really herself even though this ‘Evil Twin‘ is ironically a part of her. The production is absolutely amazing and clear as a diamond.

She takes control, she’s in my head

Makin’ me make my bad decisions, but I’m innocent

‘Evil Twin’ Lyrics

A song for when you make bad decisions and don’t really feel like blaming yourself😂.

4.) Wave (Ft. Mike Sabath)

The album’s Opener and first single, one of the songs released before the official release of the album but didnt get half the attention it deserved.

Wave‘ begins with lush symphonic swathes of sound that her beautiful vocals just mix brilliantly with, all the while giving nice catchy lyrics. There’s a switch-up around the first minute of the song into a hip-hop groove feel, this is where featured producer Mike Sabath gives a free flowing verse with his vague voice, after which the beat switches back.

A combination of Amazing production and great singing once more.

3.) Workin’ On It (ft. Lennon Stella & Sasha Sloan)

Meghan Trainor is a pretty good songwriter especially given that she writes or co-writes all of her music. The songwriting on this song is great!

Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan delivered their verses and bridges respectively and they were decent. Meghan trainor bossed the song though and was easily the best on it.

Basically talks about having deficiencies and flaws, knowing them and ‘Workin’ on it’.

2.) Here To Stay

Track 8 is a song you just can’t hate. Any good pop singer should have the ability to do well in any kind of flow, Trainor has this Ability.

Here to stay‘ gives an acoustic RnB feel which in time gets fused with Bass guitar sound to bring out the sharp sound of its amazing art of production.

Tells a story about making mistakes and doing some wrong things but her partner just won’t leave because of love and is ‘Here To Stay‘. An Amazing RnB song with good singing, nice catchy lyrics and well-above-average Production. A Must-listen song.

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1.) Another Opinion

MEGHAN TRAINOR DID REGGAE. Do not adjust your phone or whatever you’re reading this on. Trainor did Reggae and bossed it. Reggae, A heavy bass line with rhythmic electric guitar on the offbeat.

If there’s a song that defines the whole album, this is it, it talks about not giving a damn about the opinion of others, about how it’s not your fault and their opinions don’t count.

Best song on the Album by a mile (A feature would have made this even more spectacular) , wonderful production, Meghan Trainor did Reggae. A must-listen!

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