Halsey – Manic (Album Review)


GENRE: Pop, Rock-Pop, Country, electropop

ALBUM STREAM LINK: https://geo.music.apple.com/ng/album/manic/1479627997?mt=1&app=music

If Hopeless Fountain Kingdom got you hyped, Manic is set to leave you screaming your lungs out😱. HALSEY IS BACK😎!

Pop is beginning to get populated with Soul-Baring singers like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Halsey. Singers that tend to radiate the very transparent deep things through their pop music. On this note, no one is as open and transparent as Halsey.

She keeps this at a 💯 and this is practically the ‘most naked‘ Halsey project ever.

The 16-track album is Halsey’s Third LP, after Hopeless Fountain Kingdom came out three years ago.

It is an album on which the 25-year old got messy and Sensitive at the same time, this isn’t one of those albums where things were played safe, Halsey went in and went hard.

She Unpacks her big beautiful mess of a life and shares it amongst 16 tracks in different shades of Genres ranging from Pop, Ballad, Electro-pop, Indie and even up to the good old Acoustic Country vibe.

Manic is a specific release, easily the songstress’s most emotionally satisfying project yet. Her 3rd album features already well known songs like Without Me and Graveyard; Graveyard had been a popular hit before the release of the album. Without Me on its own had been a monster hit, the songstress’s emotional ‘Trappy’ tune said to be inspired by her break-up with now ex-boyfriend G-eazy (there’s always got to be a guy involved, hasn’t there?🤔).

What are the things that make up an amazing album?

  • Excellent Production? Check☑️
  • Catchphrases to keep your songs on people’s lips for a while? Check☑️
  • Relatable lyrics with integrity? Check☑️

Halsey has got all these important features present on Manic and this is why you should be excited.

A track-by-track review of the top 5 best songs on this amazing album is only deserving for what would most likely turn out to be one best pop albums on the year 2020. Let’s dive in, shall we?


When you love everyone, you tend to get taken advantage of, so you put up a wall and keep your guards up. This is exactly what Halsey is trying to say in a song with amazing lyrics perfectly arranged in a simple pop tune.

So I just hate everybody
Well, then why can’t I go home without somebody?
And really, I could fall in love with anybody who don’t want me
So I just keep sayin’ I hate everybody
But maybe I, maybe I don’t


Well, Halsey, we love you.

4.) Ashley

The Album opener named ‘Ashley‘ – Halsey’s actual first name – sets you in the mood for exactly what to expect in the album. Halsey delivers this rawness in lyrics that could help you feel exactly what she feels.

Took my heart and sold it out to a vision that I wrote myself

Halsey on ‘Ashley

She talks about carrying a weight that’s too heavy and could make her disintegrate (we all hope that’s not literal😅).

3.) Graveyard

A Pop-by-numbers single, released late September and has refused to leave charts and radio plays since then. This is partially due to the mix of switch up-tempo bass-infused production, but majorly because of its naked lyrics that makes it easily Relatable to.

Here she talks about a toxic relationship that births bad decisions and could lead to her eventual death. Classical Halsey and great tune.

2.) Without Me

Without Me spent an entire year on charts, hitting number 1 in the US and accumulating over a billion streams last year. This proves Without me is easily the singer’s biggest song of her career so far. This is because everything was mixed so perfectly, from the Trappy-feel production to it’s catchy lines to it’s specificity and directness of the emotions

This is easily a lot of people’s favorite and I can see a lot of reasons why.

But remember folks, this song was released as a single since over a year ago, you have to admit it feels a little awkward adding it to the album.😅

1.) Alanis’ Interlude

This album has got the best group of interludes I’ve ever heard on any Pop project and this is just the pick of the bunch. A pop-infused contemporary Rock song with hollow drums chops.

Not just my favorite song but the best song off this project. Not as lyrically apt as the other top songs but it sends a direct emotional and raw message; defending Bisexuality/Same-sex relationships.

Alanis Morissette is a 90s’ rocker with an amazing Soprano voice who just got on a 2020 song and bodied it 😳. She’s absolutely soaring in her hook and her strong voice showed young pop fans who weren’t born in her time what they missed. A great song.

Look Halsey is a mess – or at least that’s what she wants us to believe – but aren’t we all?

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