Starboy/Wizkid – SoundMan Vol. 1 EP (Album Review)


GENRE: Afrobeat, Afro Soul, AfroRnb

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A few weeks ago, Wizkid dropped an EP on us and made the internet burst into flames (Especially Twitter). The EP was released in the name of his record label, Starboy, but he was on all 7 songs in the EP so permit me to call it his EP.

There aren’t many artists in Africa that flow and mix with any given beat like Wizkid, I mean, it’s probably why he named this ‘SOUNDMAN‘ 😂 . His ability to give off a vibe off any given kind of beat is one of the many reasons why he’s one of the best in the Nigerian Music industry. It was the same story in this EP, the EP wasn’t perfect but even the songs that aren’t all that good are still really giving Feel-good Vibes and are very enjoyable, big thanks to Wizkid’s brilliance and the quality he brings to the Microphone.

Every musical project has its pros and cons. I’ll start with the pros yeah?, the instrumentals on every song in this EP is amazingly top notch. The beats felt physical, they felt real, the sounds of the musical instruments felt like a live band and stands out. Wizkid is known for his beautiful flows with beats, but you need the beat to also be of good quality. Huge praise to the musical engineers and Producers that worked on this(Blaq Jerzee, London, Killertunes, KEL P).

Now to the con🤔. If you’re active on Twitter, you’d notice one of the points non-wizkid fans use against him is that his Lyrical content has been on the down-dive in recent years. I love Wizkid but this particular point is beginning to become a fact and is actually obvious for all to see. The lyrical content of this EP could have been better. Secondly, please who knows why Wizkid used an album cover art as basic as this one? I mean! It’s just a deep wine color spectrum with ‘SOUNDMAN’ written on it.

Album cover art of SoundMan Vol. 1

Of course, there are rumors that Wizkid recorded these tracks right around the moment he fell ill, people claim this is probably the reason why his voice sounded a bit different. Could this be the reason for the lyrical deficiency? Maybe, Maybe not

So I’m dropping my top songs below, normally I give 5 songs, but this is my first EP review so I’d do 3 songs for EPs. The three songs I feel are the best songs on this particular EP are really close when it comes to musical quality, but there are still certain differences that make them edge each other.

Here we go:

3. Blow (Ft. Blaq Jerzee & Wizkid)

The stand out point of the song is the instrumentals. The violin bit at the beginning and very end of this song sends chills down my spine.

This song could have easily made my number 1 if it’s lyrical content was just a little bit better. Wizkid’s better than this lyrically. In this song, the word “Blow” is repeated one too many times, just like it was in the case of the song ‘Joro’

2. Jam (Ft. Wizkid, Chronixx)

Jam is such a beautiful song. Chronixx brought quality vocals in his verse and the Chorus. The Jamaican Singer’s beautiful voice and vocals really stood out. Wizkid was doing what Wizkid does by also giving his bit of awesomeness. Production and Mixing was also on point.


1. Ease Your Mind (ft. Wizkid, KEL P)

There are three things that are sure in life

  • We would all die
  • The sun would rise tomorrow
  • KEL P giving a perfectly constructed Beat.

Just the beat without vocals could put you in a vibe, that’s how good it is. Like that wasn’t enough, “Story-Telling” Wizkid was present on this track, he tries to tell people grinding on the hustle to ease their minds and understand that everyone has their time.

Consider my mind Eased, Wizkid.

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