What are we about?

Hey Music Lovers😍! My name is Richard Emmanuel and welcome to my blog named ALBUM TALKS.

So basically, what are we about? Why should you subscribe your email to this blog?

This is a blog that aims at taking the stress of people. In as much as it remains a fact that a lot of us use Music as an escape from the stress and pressure from around us, we can’t afford to waste time, searching for music that’s our taste. This is where I come in to make life easier by giving you a short analysis on albums while giving you the top songs off the album so you don’t waste your time going through the whole album.

Do you love listening to albums whole? We can still talk in the comments section! Do you want to be a guest author on the Blog? Contact me. Do you need an album analysed so you can listen to only the best songs off the album? I got you covered😉

Let’s get started, shall we?

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